How to play YouTube on TV

How to play YouTube on TV

You can watch YouTube on TV anywhere with anyone. Most of people are confused about how to play YouTube on TV? This article is all about this topic so if you also do not know about this, you can learn it here. You need to activate the YouTube app on your smart TV and you are here.

How to activate YouTube?

Answering how to enable YouTube is significant for explaining how to play YouTube on TV. First of all, you need to have an internet-connected to your Smart TV otherwise you can’t access YouTube.

Switch on your Smart TV and then search the YouTube app. usually, you will find YouTube app from the main menu.  If you are new to the app, you will see code there. You don’t have to leave the page until YouTube is fully activated.

Afterward, You will see the detailed instruction on your screen so far. Then you can need to follow them to have YouTube on your smart TV. If you have more than one account, sign in with the one you use daily.

You need to put the activation code shown on the screen. You will see ”allow access” which you have to click. Your television will start syncing with the account you entered and then you will have a confirmation screen. Now you are done and you can enjoy watching videos on your Smart TV.

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You can search for videos on YouTube on the smart TV by using your remote. You can play a video of your choice with your remote. Once you choose a video, a player control bar will be shown on the screen which contains Home, Play, Fast, Forward, Rewind and Caption buttons.

Then select the option ‘’Play,” and you can watch your YouTube video playing on the screen. You can enjoy many other actions through your remote to watch your video on a smart TV. You can like or rate any video. Moreover, you can also subscribe to channels on YouTube so you can access them in the future.

You can also extend the options on a smart TV if it is released before the year 2013.

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