To Learn How to crack/unlock zip file password without loss data

How to crack/unlock zip file password without loss data

You can place files in Zip files as it is the best way to use it as a file extension. Most of the people use Zip file as storage. They use it to shorten the size of files and folders in the best place. They can manage or organize their data by using a ZIP password. The zip file has 7-Zip and WinZip software which they can use free of cost.

Moreover, you need to put a password for your Zip file to keep it secured and private. At first, you need to do this for preventing security issues. You may come across many zip files that are secured with a password. You can also put a password of your choice if you want to keep it hidden.

Here, the problem is when you set up a password and then you forget it. You are not able to access the folders that you kept hidden from others. You need to learn how to crack the zip file password in this section.

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Steps on how to crack zip file password:

In this article, we will teach you how to break the zip file password to access your important files or folders. It’s not that easy to crack the password, so you need to use software to do so. There are many ways to crack ZIP file password. The following are the methods to follow if you want to recover the password.

  • Try passwords that you remember
  • Use Online Zip file password unlocker
  • Use Zip Password Recovery

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Method No 1: Try Passwords that you remember

Of course, First, you need to try to guess your password. It is advantageous because once you remember the password; you don’t need to go through the other methods to recover it. Now you must be thinking, how is this possible? You need to follow the steps on how to guess your password.

  • Use simple passwords such as five times one 11111, or ABC or 12345, etc.
  • Try other passwords that you mostly use for your other sites.
  • Try using your loved one’s name
  • You can try your pet’s names or your mobile or car number
  • You can decide to put your favorite thing, such as a favorite restaurant, movie, etc.

If you are still unsuccessful, then move on to the method no 2 or 3.

Method no 2: Use online zips file password unlocker:

  • First Search for and select the browse to choose the locked zip file.
  • Then the next step is to convert the file
  • The software will crack the password by completely formatting the password.
  • After doing this, download the file and use it with no password.

Notably, We don’t recommend if your files contain your personal information. The second disadvantage is that it takes too long to crack the passwords.

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Method no. 3: Zip Password Recovery:

If you want to recover your password, use iSeePassword Zip Password unlocker because it is the best way to recover it. It is very convenient and quick to recover and more chances to unlock your zip file. So that you can install the program on your system and run it. If you use the trial version, you can unlock three-length passwords, but if the password is too long, then you have to register the program.

Go to the option Open and then select the file. You need to choose the way to crack your password, which is Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary, and Smart. For example, if you select the dictionary option, the software will apply all the words of the dictionary to open the password.

After this, choose start to start recovering your password. This is the best option to recover your password as it is speedy and convenient.

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