How to watch TV on my phone

How to watch TV on my phone?

You Probably Didn’t Know About How To Watch TV On My Phone

Watching TV on the phone was very rare many years ago. Today, you will see everyone watching TV on the phone. In fact, A few people still have TV, or if they have a TV they usually watch it on their phone.  How to watch TV on my phone maybe your main confusion. so that today I will share with you how to watch it on that small phone and not using the big TVs.

Watching TV on your phone is one of the convenient ways you can go within a few seconds — all you need to charge your phone and open the right app to start watching TV.

You can watch TV on the following apps.

1) Netflix:

Netflix is the best way you can be protected from the big TV, and you can watch your movies and TV on the smartphone. All you need to pay a monthly fee and use the unlimited package for the whole month. You can directly watch the TV on your phone as long as your package remains.

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2) Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video is the second option for you if you are interested in watching TV on your phone. You can watch TV shows, videos of your choice, movies and much more. You need to pay per month to purchase the membership.

3) Hulu:

If you want the latest TV shows, then Hulu is the best option. You can watch more videos because it offers a wide range of channels. If you afford the expensive subscription, then you are safe, but the cheapest one has ads and cannot reach to the level of Netflix.

4) Sling TV:

Sling TV is the top 10 option you can choose if you want to watch TV on your phone. You can enjoy 100 live channels on sling TV. The more you pay money, the more you get the channels. You can purchase the membership in $25 a month.

5) YouTube TV:

YouTube TV app can beat all the other apps if you want videos, TV shows and much more. If you’re going to watch TV on your phone, it is the best thing you can have on your phones to go with. You can enjoy many channels such as ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and many such channels.

If you want to watch content later, YouTube TV gives this facility by providing some cloud DVR functionality which allows you to record material for future watching.

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6) Google Play Movies and TV:

If you want to save content into your phone to watch it in the future, go for Google Play Movies and TV. This is permanent access and you don’t need to go again and again to watch your favorite drama or show. All you can buy and keep the video forever.

7) Plex:

Plex is a little similar to Netflix. If you have a folder of video content in your computer, Plex allows you to beam that content to any other device. The basic plex is free, but if you need to watch videos on your phone, you have to purchase a membership.

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