How to find someone’s location using their cell phone number

How to find someone’s location using their cell phone number

If you are looking for ways of how to find someone’s location using their cell phone number. Of course, this article will help you a great deal. Whether are you afraid to know the location of your known person, Or to confirm the location of their words. I will walk you through different ways to track a device with just the help of a phone number. You may have seen in movies, and TV shows, Cops with the help of phone numbers tracks individual. But to them, it’s a part of the job, But for you, It may seem overwhelmingly hard. But, trust me learning how to search anyone’s location using their mobile phone number is really quite easy.

Is it really possible to trace someone with just a phone number?

Now let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes, It’s possible to trace people with just a phone number. But this luxury is not available for everyone. Think of it this way, Any person that may able to get your number credit card company, baker, and even your grandpa. Can trace you through the number. You may feel hesitant to give your number to anyone. And might keep it safe to yourself as a password. Thank god we are not leaving in that world.

Any article on the web that claims of tracing location just through cell phone number is fake or misleading you. Yes, I again affirm you it’s possible. But it is very complex. Law Enforcement is able to collect information about someone’s location just because network carriers are complying to give information according to law. But without the help of network carriers, it would be a humongous task.

Some options that could purely with the help of phone number trace someone. There are certain apps that could call your potential target and able to track them by navigating the closet towers. This will not be precise like to which apartment someone is currently in. But this could give you some idea about the location. To run this type of application is illegal and needs a very high complex programming language.

A simpler approach could be to track the IMEI number instead of a phone number. If you are trying to track someone of their location immediately and think they might be in imminent danger, We strongly advise you to go to law enforcement and leave sherlock holmes to another day. But if you are interested in knowing the location of your partner, or someone your know. You could use this technique. For this, you must have to get their phone in your hand just for few seconds.

How to track someone using their IMEI number?

1) Find their IMEI number

Once, You are able to get your hands on their phone. You need to open their dialer pad. And than Enter the following: *#06#. Once, You have entered the code. A dialogue box will appear with two IMEI numbers. You can take a screenshot and share that with yourself if you can’t do that, Just quickly take a picture of the screen on your mobile phone. Once, You have the IMEI number much of the work is already done. And now you can focus on the next step.

2) Location tracking through IMEI number

Now that we have the information we need, We can now trace the person. Visit this link to get redirected to an IMEI tracking website. IMEI tracking laws are subject to different countries. There could be no restriction or IMEI tracking by citizens could be unlawful. You can know about your country status with a google search. Assuming you are from a country that allows users to track through IMEI, You can now enter the information on the website that I have shared with you. And it will retrieve you the last location of the person that you are looking for.

Track with Google and Apple ID

If you are looking to trace someone whom you know. There are other ways to track them and even precisely. If you share the same computer with your partner and they have login with their Gmail ID or Apple ID. You have just hit a jackpot with these resources. If you have a device with their google or apple account login; Than you can track them just with a button away. I’ll share with you both for Android and For IOS.

For Android

1) Firstly, you can visit (You must be signed in with the same account as the other person)

2) Then, wait for the website to load the location.

3) You can even track them along the way when they are traveling.

Note: During this process, they will see a notification that they are being tracked using google to find the application. But these will not reveal your location, So you don’t have to worry.


For apple, the process is also very similar, And very easy to follow through.

1) First of all, visit (You must be signed in with the same account as the other person)

2) Wait for the website to load the location.

3) You can even track them along the way when they are traveling.

Make use of Truecaller

Truecaller is another good option to know about someone’s location. These will not give you the exact location but can give you the city of the cell number. If you want to confirm someone’s location, These may help as a source to verify their location. Just download the application, And enter the number you want to track. It will show basic details like Name, City, Business/Profession.

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