List of Hidden Cheating Apps For Android Phone

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In this article, we’ll teach you about Hidden Cheating Apps For Android. People use these apps to cheat on each other, And you can identify which apps these are.

You can learn about these apps and their feature to find about if your partner is cheating on you. A lot of data shows that a good number of relationships end up having affairs.

This is because of the ease of getting into relationships with others. If you want to learn about Hidden Cheating Apps For Android this article will help you with a great deal.

Learn to identify if your partner is cheating

I’ll share with you your apps list that is famous for cheating. And also give you some tip to identify if your partner is cheating or not. The apps will help you to cheat or caught the cheater, Depending on what you are looking for.

But one thing for sure, That you’ll learn a great deal about Hidden Cheating Apps For Android. Of course, moral advice would be to not cheat in the first place and break up instead with a partner. But if you are not convinced with the first argument, Than the next logical step is to not get caught when cheating.

Identify types of cheaters

Security in android phones has made it harder to identify cheaters, And easier to cheat. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who cheats is invisible. They need to follow certain precautions in order to be ultra-safe. Before we identify whether your partner is cheating or not. You need to focus on their behavior.

Any person who has something to hide will always try to keep his phone near themselves. Being addicted to a phone is something, And being obsessed with it is another. If you notice that your partner always happens to be on phone or near the phone. Gear up for your sherlock adventure. Calling someone during affairs is something cheaters avoid because it could be hard to instantly stop talking on the phone. But a text message is as smooth as watching YouTube videos.

Now that we have identified that Text Messages are key to catching the cheater, let’s keep our focus there. The main reason people get caught and even end up in divorce is because of images. Yes, Those types of images that people share and than just forget. But later, They end up with severe consequences. So if you are taking notes never send images directly on messages. If your partner has something on your phone or they have login credentials for your phone account. Your messages and chat could be retrieved from the cloud.

Now the main advice aside, We need to know the identity of the type of cheater we are dealing with. There are multiple types of cheaters those who cheat for fun, and those who love it, And there are some who sometimes fall into it. Because a lot of time you would overestimate your partner’s ability to hide their secrets.

First, Let talk about those who are very good at cheating. We can call them professionals. These types of people understand and take complete precautions to not get caught. For that reason only, They are able to get away with cheating for so much time and even a lifetime.  Sometimes these professional cheaters might have multiple affairs with others. And they would be proud of themselves, I am sharing with you a list of apps that can delete or hide send messages, And most often use by cheaters.

Best Hidden Cheating Apps For Android

1) Viber

I don’t know why but many doctors prefer to use this application. But this is not only doctors’ favorite but also of cheaters. On the first look, This may seem like another messaging application. But underneath it’s a tool to cheat and have secret conversations.

Secret Chats – In using Viber application you can able to do with secret chats. Here your chats are not recorded but automatically deleted from all devices after a certain time. These include 1-5 minutes. It’s a great feature for a cheater because they don’t have to worry about deleting any message Or be worry that they may have left some messages undeleted.

Hidden Messages – Viber allows you to hide messages from the main chat list. If your partner checking your phone and see the chats they may seem normal. But when you enter a secret pin, You can see all the private conversations that you have done.

2) Signal

Signal is another one of those apps perfect for cheating. It gained recent popularity because of WhatsApp privacy issues, And people switching to more secure apps. Now that many people have downloaded the app. Cheaters might have another reason to install a separate messaging app. But the installation could also mean, They want to hide something from you.

Remove Messages – The app allow users to delete text messages and media after a certain time from specific people. A cheater might use the app to delete conversations between their lover and keep their phone clean. Of course, it was one of the safest messaging apps.

3) Telegram

Obviously, You may have heard of this app before. The WhatsApp outrage has also given millions of downloads to telegram. The same situation implies here, Your partner might install the app citing the privacy issues with WhatsApp. But their main intention could be to cheat on you. Telegram is popular among developers, and those who want to maintain complete secrecy. The application offers just the right tools that can help people to cheat.

These include:

Autodestruct: These features allow you to set a timer after which the message will disappear from both devices. This is a very useful tool for cheating.

Hidden Chats: Like other apps, telegram also has a hidden chats feature. That only gets enable after you enter the pin code.

If you don’t find any of those apps on your partner’s phone that is mention here. That doesn’t mean they are not cheating. It could also be that they are naïve to be using applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Instagram Direct Message, Snapchat, etc.

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