How to hide text messages for free?

How to hide text messages for free

2 Ways to Hide Text Messages for totally free

Learn how to hide text messages for free. In a world of digital, Our messages could reveal a lot to others. Hiding them is a very wise decision for anyone. Say suppose you receive your password, username, or any other details through SMS.

And now you don’t want others to see that, But also want to save that for future reference. In this case, SMS hiding is an absolutely great decision.

It doesn’t matter how many messages you want to hide, You can easily do so with this step-by-step guide for hiding text messages for free.

This method works with both Android and IOS devices. You can also use this method on tablets as well. In this article ‘hide text messages for free‘ .

We will explore two popular methods for hiding text messages. First, we will use the in-built archive feature in most of the smartphones. And then we’ll also explore a third-party app for hiding our messages. You can choose any of these methods from this article.

#1 Using the in-built Archive feature

1) Open your default messaging application

In case your phone messaging app does not have the archive feature. You can simply download the default messaging app from Play store. Click on this link for the redirect.

This official android messaging app, Lets you archive messages and save them somewhere. You can’t see the messages in the application, But they are not deleted.

2) Find and Long-Tap the message you want to hide

You need to find the message that you are looking to hide. Once, You find the message long-tap on the screen. You’ll see a number of options have appeared. Click on the button with the downwards arrow on top of the app.

Doing so will hide the text message from the app. Now, When you open the app again or just refresh the messages. You won’t be able to find the message in the application.

3) How to view archive messages

Okay, you have hidden your text message. But how can you retrieve that message again? Let say suppose you need the message for your own reference. It’s fairly easy to navigate to the archived messages in the app.

To look for the archived messages, click on the three-dotted button on top of the app. Doing so will bring a bunch of options, Click on the Archived option.

Here, You can see all the conversations that you have archived or hidden from the main app. If you want to bring back the message to the main app, Just long-top the message and click on the upward arrow on top of the navigation bar.

#2 Using the free GO SMS Pro application

If your query ‘how to hide text messages‘ did not resolve with the first method. You can use this as another method for solving the same problem.

1) Install GO SMS Pro on your device for free

Firstly, you can visit the Playstore link, And install the application for free. GO SMS Pro has over 100 million users, You don’t have to worry about your privacy issues with this app.

Also, Mostly the app runs on ads. And you won’t have to pay for any extra features. Other than removing the ads option.

2) Open the GO SMS Pro on Your Device

When you open the app you’ll see the app asking for certain permission. Grant the app with all the permission.

After the permissions, You’ll see a screen similar to a normal messaging application.

3) Hide Message and Setup password

Long-tap on the message that you want to hide, click on the More button on the bottom of the screen. And click on the ‘Move to Private Box‘.  A dialogue box will appear with a message, Click Initialize.

A new popup will appear that will ask for a password. Set a 4-digit numerical password. Remember this you’ll need this to access messages.

4) Viewing hidden messages on GO SMS Pro

Click on the More button from the application, And click on the ‘Private Box‘. Here, You need to enter the password you set earlier. You’ll see all the SMS list that you have hidden.


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