How to hack android phone using another android phone


I know this sounds so amazing to hack someone’s phone. And that too with just Android phone. Sounds Amazing! But there is a small problem in this approach. Hacking is a very vague term. If you really want to learn how to hack one android smart phone using the another android phone then you first need to be more specific than Hacking. For example; I want to gain access to another person’s Facebook account. If you have a clear objective the hacking journey becomes so much easier and fun. I’m going to share a method that will not only help you with hacking some specific but also let you take control of the device.

How to hack android phone using another android phone

Method #1 FlexiSPY

For this tutorial, we are going to use a software called FlexiSPY. That will help to take control of the victim’s smartphone. And you can virtually monitor on their Android phone from here. It is different and simple than real hacking. It’s more like social engineering. I have also shared with you later in this article. How to turn your Android Phone into a Linux device and do a real hacking. But if you do not have the technical knowledge for that you can use this method.

Step 1: Signup with FlexiSPY.

Visit the following link to the FlexiSPY official website. Here you need to register with them with your details. But before you do that you need to choose the device for which you want to hack. Android, iPhone, Ipad, Even computer. For us, it should be Android. Now you need to choose the plan according to your need. After that, you’ll get an option to choose for a technician. For a small amount, you can hire someone who can set up your whole account. And you can just log in and start using the software.

Step 2: Install the FlexiSPY software

After you have signup with FlexiSPY. Now you can move forward with other steps. This is one of the most crucial parts of hacking android phone using another android phone. They will provide you with an app SPYWare. That you need to install on the victim’s phone. They will not able to know about the application. As you will hide it from the menu. When you open the app it will ask for you for a password. The code is available in your account just enter the following. Once you do that the account will be linked with your phone. Now any actions did on the victim phone will be visible to you on your own phone.

Step 3: Monitor the FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is an amazing tool that helps non-tech-savvy people to do extraordinary things. In that effort, They have created a very simple dashboard. That can be understood by even a 10-year-old kid. To access the monitor screen, Visit their official website from your browser. And enter your login details to gain access. Here you’ll find all the phones that are save with your account. You can see their Whatsapp Messages. Look for their Call Logs and even look for their pictures. Not just that you can also see their password with the help of keylogger. That detects all typing done through the keyboard.

Method #2 Install Linux and Hacking A Android Phone

Step 1: Install Debian noroot

Install the Debian noroot from the play store that will allow you to set up the Xfce desktop environment. With that, you can run a virtual machine or Install Linux.

Step 2: Learn the Linux Documentation

Once you have downloaded and installed Kali or Ubuntu on your Android Phone. Now you need to go through the Linux documentation and learn how to use the following to make changes. You can do many things through Kali Linux. Such as Hacking a Wifi, Hacking an Android Phone, etc. But to do that you need to spend significant time learning the commands to operate the features.

Step 3: Hacking an Android Phone

After doing so many things the last step would be to actually hack the Android Phone. Once, You get a grip on the documentation of the Linux. You can now start to attack the android device but you can make sure once if you both are on the same WiFi network. You can send an email to them with malicious code that will get into their system an give you access to their device.

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