how to see someones Instagram messages without them knowing

how to see someones Instagram messages without them knowing

Today we’ll learn, how to see someone’s Instagram messages without them knowing. It’s such a great trick to sneak into a message, Without the sender knowing anything. It is very simple to read the message, Without shouting through the message inbox as ‘SEEN‘. The direct message on Instagram is very popular; And can be accessed by anyone this may be great sometimes but not always. So the real question is what should you do to someone read messages, Without the sender knowing?

If we get this straight; There is no way you could see a message and the sender won’t know it. But! there is something more interesting that we can use to hide our seen and unseen notification; That means the sender will never know if you have read their message or not. Let’s start this instruction.

Steps for how to know somebodies Instagram messages without their knowledge

Step 1: Before we start this article, The first thing you need to keep in mind is never to open the message or even tap. Whenever someone sends you a message, You’ll get notified through a push notification. Avoid clicking point. Because that will give the sender a notification that you have read the message.

Step 2: First open your Instagram application. Once you are inside the app. Go to the Direct Message section. Here you’ll see all the messages and chat you done in the past, and current unread messages.

Step 3: This step needed to be done properly if not; Everything will fall apart (Not really). Okay, Now that you are in the direct message section, Disconnect your mobile phone with all the internet connection.

Note: If you only disconnect your WiFi; Chances are that your mobile data connection may get on automatically and you would be still online. To avoid such a scenario, Just put your phone onto airplane mode. Doing this will eliminate all possibilities of being online.

Step 4: Great, Now that we are offline. You can read all the messages and if you want you could even send messages. But they will not reach the recipient because you are offline. Once, You have read all the messages from your DM. Just double-check if there is anything is missing, Once you are assured. Just go and log out of your account from Instagram.

Step 5: After doing the following steps you have successfully read a message without the sender knowing anything. Sounds Great!. let’s check if the mission was successful or not. Connect your phone with an internet connection whether it’s WiFi or mobile data doesn’t matter. Now you need to log in to your Instagram id again. Remember we have logged out from our mobile phone. After you go to your DM section, You’ll see that all the messages that you have read are still unread. Voila, This is how you could trick an application. And manipulate it for your own benefits.

Alternative: This method will just block the DM status activity of Seen/Unseen

Step 1) Firstly, you can visit your profile page. Then you can press on your profile icon to get there.

Step 2) Afterwards, Go to Setting -> Edit Profile -> Instagram account’s settings.

Step 3) Once you are here you’ll see Activity Status, Just turn It Off.

Step 4) That’s all It takes to completely block your seen/unseen status.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I see the image send in the DM?

Unfortunately, NO. you can’t see if someone has send you an image. Because that needs an internet connection. So when you are offline that is not possible. You can only view text messages. If the sender has sent you images from Instagram itself. Then you can copy the link in your local file. And access It when you are back on the internet.

Why do I need to disconnect my internet connection?

Instagram is a product that works like Facebook messages. If you send a message to a person; It does not go directly to them. But first to the Instagram server and then to the recipient. And if you read the message the Instagram will note down the activity and will send it to the server, Which then updates to the sender about your status.

Does frequent logging-in and out could affect my profile?

People have some doubts about does frequently doing this step will make their account vulnerable to being banned. So the answer is NO. Instagram does not monitor a profile on particular bases, So you don’t need to worry about getting your account banned.

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