How to uninstall xampp in ubuntu

How to uninstall xampp in ubuntu

Today we’ll learn how to uninstall xampp in ubuntu. If you are new to the Linux environment, Then the terminal may look a bit messed up. And uninstalling any application is a real pain. But in reality, It is not at all hard. The reason behind many people is afraid of making even small changes by themselves. Because they are not familiar with the following environment. Most people transition into Linux from either Windows or Mac.

And I’m pretty sure you also started your journey from Windows or Mac. Linux and other Operating systems have a very big difference. Linux is Command based operating system (Although you could use It as graphical software), On the other hand, Windows and Mac, are GUI (graphical user interface), Which makes it possible for non-tech-savvy people to operate a computer device.

XAMPP is a free and open-source web server, It is cross-platform and works on all devices. The software was developed by Apache Friends. It is the number one choice for testing local and live servers. The reliability is what makes people install this amazing software. If you have every encounter difficulty, When you use a different programming language in the sever. Then this server is for you; Because It lets work with multiple programming languages like PHP, Perl. XAMPP is very popular because of its easy deployment; You could make your website live in a matter of minutes.

There could be many reasons, Why you want to uninstall XAMPP. One of which is, Broken feature. Even after installing the software, you are not able to use all the features. This could be a trigger for you to uninstall and reinstall the software. So if there would be any problem It shall be resolved with it. But there could be another reason, You want to downgrade the version of your software. And this is only possible if you uninstall the current versions and install the versions you want. Whatever your reasons are, Uninstalling xampp in ubuntu is a piece of cake.  Follow the below instruction to uninstall XAMPP.

In order to remove the XAMPP software from Ubuntu completely. We need to run some commands on our computers.

Note: Uninstalling XAMPP means removing the LAMP directory. Because all the files and data are stored in the following directory.

Enter the following command on your terminal – sudo rm -rf /opt/lampp

How to uninstall xampp in ubuntu

Step 1) Visit the LAMP directory by entering the following command cd /opt/lampp

Step 2) Once you are in the directory, Enter the following command – ./uninstall

You could also enter the following command sudo rm -rf /opt/lamp to uninstall the XAMPP from Ubuntu.

Frequently Asked Question

How to create a backup for XAMPP?

It’s really necessary to take a backup of your current system, In case, you want to reinstall the XAMPP on your machine. If you do not wish to reinstall or retrieve the data then you can skip this part. But if you want to backup your data. It’s really simple; Enter the following command sudo /opt/lampp/lampp backup

How should I create a security proof reinstallation of XAMPP?

Now, that we have uninstalled the XAMPP and also took the backup. The next logical step would be to reinstall. But there is something we can do to make our system even more secure. You just need to enter the following command sudo /opt/lampp/lampp security during the installation process. And your stack will be very secure.

Is there an Alternate to XAMPP?

Okay, If you determine that you are leaving the XAMPP. And wants some good alternate for the following. So here is my best suggestions.


This is the best alternative you’ll find on the internet. WampServer is developed by Microsoft. And you have the reliability of the best software companies. It works with MySQL and PHP programming.


EasyPHP as the name suggest, Is a great alternate for XAMPP. Why It’s great; because it’s open-source and free to use. Many developers has migrated to this software and you can make this your favorite stack as well.

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