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How to install notepad++ in ubuntu

Notepad++ is a very trendy text editor. There are a lot of people that use it for programming as well. If we compare this software with the pre-install (default) Notepad, Then this application is very much ahead. You can do a lot in this text editor. From writing documents to creating colorful text markups. It’s a wonderful tool for any textual use. But for some unfortunate reasons, You can’t find the Notepad++ for Linux. If you go onto their website, there is no option to download the software. But as Linux is open-source software, We can download the software on Ubuntu.

Installing software is not very hard. And we can install it in multiple ways. In this tutorial, we are going to use, Two of the most popular ways to install the application on ubuntu.

Method-1: Installation Using Ubuntu Software app (GUI Method)

Before we start this article, you should have the Ubuntu Software app, That is preinstalled in ubuntu. So lite version OS doesn’t have the application.

1) Find Ubuntu Software app on your OS

You can easily find the application in your device, Or you can use the Linux default search for finding it. Once, You have found the application. Open, Ubuntu Software app.

2) Look for the search bar and type notepad++

Once you have open the software, You can find a small search icon on the top right of the application. Click on that and search for notepad++. It will start to download the application and to depend on the internet speed. It may take a few seconds or minutes.

3) Open notepad++

After the successful installation of the software, You can now open the application. And start using notepad++ on your ubuntu.

Method-2: Installing notepad++ in Ubuntu using terminal

Installing the application through the terminal is a very simple process, Even simpler from installing it through GUI. Many people just have a preference to install everything through the command line. Linux has one of the finest command lines. And many people just like the old-school way of installing new applications.

For installing the notepad++ on ubuntu,

1) Firstly, you can open your favorite command line.

2) If you are not in the administration shell, Change the following for the global installation of the software.

3) Once you are ready for the installation, type the following command in your terminal.

sudo snap install notepad-plus-plus

After the successful installation of the software then you can see the software version from the command itself. Moreover, if you want to open the software visit Applications Overview, Alternatively you can also go in the menu and find the notepad++ in it.

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