What is image alt tag checker Best image alt tag checker

What is image alt tag checker: Best image alt tag checker.

The alt tag is a technical term for referring to the context of the image. As robots/web crawlers can’t tell anything about the image, They take help from the description provided by the author. It is very necessary to add a descriptive alt tag for the image. So that they do not get lost in billions of images on the web. For those reasons, Whenever you search for cat images on google, The search engine is able to deliver what you are looking for.

How alt tag can help you

If you are an internet blogger or website owner. Then knowing about SEO is a must. And a key part of the fundamental SEO is alt tags. They help your content rank on the search engine. If you are posting an article about different recipes for sushi, Then you may also put an image for the same. And if you want that image to rank and get you some organic traffic then you must include Alt tags.

How to name the alt tag

But adding Alt tags, Need little guidelines.

  • Never Add irrelevant keywords for ALT tags.
  • Mix image name with relevant keywords.
  • Add LSI keywords.
  • Describe Image (For Non-Primary Keywords).

Best Website for checking alt tags

Here are the two best dedicated online sites that you can able to check out alt tags.

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