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Learn How to Change Appearance in PUBG

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Are you really not happy with your player in PUBG? Did you have chosen a not so cool name When you started playing PUBG? Searching for the way to modify it?

PUBG is one of the most exciting game plays. If you are playing PUBG for a long with same player appearance, that can be boring for you. If your name in PUBG not sounds cool and you need to make it spicy. It’s not a big deal because we are here to show how to change appearance in PUBG and how to reflect a cool name.

No longer since game first Launched there was not such option to modify your player. But now you can do the same by using some reword cards or in a limited expense of bucks.

Spice up your name

There was no way to modify your name when the game was newly launched. Thankfully now they have updated their terms. So now you can change the name using your earned rename card. These cards you can collect from the reword chest or in the time of level up. If you are not having one you can buy it from the in game item shop. Once you r having a rename card, follow the listed steps.

  • Open the application and go to the main menu. Click on the ‘INVENTORY’ Interactive icon.

PUBG Inventory option

  • Tap on the ‘CREATE’ button and select the ‘RENAME CARD’ if you are having one. Tap the ‘USE’ (If you don’t have rename card purchase it from item shop).

PUBG Rename Card

  • Enter your new name and hit ok to change your name. (Each card can be used once and you can change your name once per day).

change companion name PUBG

Renovate your appearance

As you can change your name by using Rename Card, you can also modify your appearance using in game currency called BP. Once you are having more than 3000BP you can modify your in game character. Also there are some dresses or wallpapers you can collect as reword.

If you are trying to change your in game look or gender, then follow the steps to learn How to change appearance in PUBG.

  • Go to the ‘INVENTORY’ the main menu.

PUBG menu inventory option

  • Now select the ‘RESET APPEARANCE’ icon just from the side of your character by choosing new menu. Make the necessary changes and hit ‘OK’.

PUBG reset appearance

  • Now purchase the changes using the in game currency. If you don’t have sufficient BP then you can purchase it by using real bucks. The expense can vary depending on the changes you want to do.

PUBG purchase coins

Now you know how to change your appearance in PUBG. Make a cool character in the game and enjoy the game play.

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