Learn How to Change Logo in WordPress

Learn How to Change Logo in Wordpress

If your website is lying on the WordPress platform then it is not too hard to modify your website, once you know the proper way to perform it. The first thing you’ll add to make a website is a logo that must be unique and attractive. If you have added a logo previously but you need it to make more attractive, we are here to tell you how you can do that.

Why Logo Is Important for Your Website

The logo is one of the most important branding components of your website. It creates a brand identity of your website and creates the recall value. An appropriate logo makes the website more reliable for your audiences. An interactive, smooth color, unique logo attracts different types of audiences.

You must make a logo for your website to make your audiences more familiar with your brand. Do you want to change your logo or apply a newly costumed logo to your WordPress website? Here we will guide you about How to change the logo in WordPress.

Step by Step How to Change Logo in WordPress

#1. Open the WordPress administration page and log in to your account.

wordpress web admin login page

#2. Go to the ‘Appearance’ menu on the left sidebar and hit the ‘Customize’ option.

customization option in wordpress

#3. Now you are on the customize page. Click the ‘side identity’ section and hit the ‘Select logo’ button. Now the Media Library page appears with an alternative option of Upload Files.

select the suitable logo which fits in wordpress site

#4. To upload the new logo, choose the ‘Upload Files’ option, and choose your file from the select logo collection box. (If the file is previously uploaded you can find and choose it from Media Library).

upload or choose the logo picture in media library

#5. Now upload your file by choosing the select file option or you can just drag and drop it anywhere on the page.


#6. Now you can find the uploaded file from Media Library and add Title, Caption, alternative text (Alt Text), and Description box.

fill the logo title alt and descriptions if needed here

#7. Now resize and fix the image using Sizing Handlers. Crop the image accordingly in the logo customize screen.

crop the corresponding word press logo

#8. Set the Site Title and the Tagline. Remove the Display site Title and tagline by unselecting the checkbox.


#9. Click on the Save & Publish button from the Site identity panel. 


#10. Now you have successfully changed the logo return to the Administration home page.


These were the step by step process of how to change the logo in WordPress. So set an attractive logo for your website.


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