How To Get Free PUBG UC Hack | No human verification | Generators Online

How To Get Free PUBG UC Hack | No human verification | Generators Online

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The name PUBG MOBILE is prevailing all the world and the revenue from this game to the creators is countless. Moreover there are thousands of YouTube streamers are also earning from PUBG. In fact, very few people are stepping back to purchase RP (Royal Pass) and UC (Unknown Cash) in app purchases.

So, here are some tricks to get free UC hack in PUBG Mobile.

There are some online generators which may or may not work. Some of them asks for human verification.

So, here are some tricks which may help you to  get free UC.

Before that, you have to know about PUBG Mobile glitches.

In PUBG Mobil history, 8100UC glitch was the major. Many players bought elite plus passes and however, PUBG mobile identified and took back all the UC.

And the second one is Prime Plus glitch in Season 6. Only few players found this glitch and they got benefited.

Here is how it worked : PUBG Mobile Prime Plus Glitch in Season 6

 How to get free PUBG UC hacked in 2020?

1) We Game

AT first up all you can try We Game. It’s an official PUBG Mobile partner and conduct some contests in which you may get free UC after participating in those contests.

Download the We Game app here : We Game – Play Store

2) Online Generators

Online Generators are also available to get free UC . You can click the below link to get a generator. Yes of course there is guarantee for this link. Most of the  online generators ask for human verification.

Warning : Never log in to your Facebook or Twitter or Google Play Games from those type of links. Only try with your PUBG Id. Never type password if they ask.

Link 1: PUBG Mobile Online UC Generator.

Link 2: Unknown PUBG Mobile UC Generator

Link 3 : PUBG Resources.

In fact, Most of the online generators are being reported as fake these days. So, don’t get cheated.

3) Midasbuy

As a matter of fact, It is an official partner of PUBG Mobile to buy UC. Here, you will get bonus benefits when compared to Play Store.

Check the website and compare the prices then buy UC.

Link : Midasbuy – PUBG MOBILE

Royal Pass in Midasbuy :

Royal Pass in Midasbuy

UC Top Ups:

UC Top Ups

4) Participate in UC giveaways :

There are many YouTubers streamers who conduct giveaways on their channels. Participate in them to earn some UC.

If you try to jailbreak the PUBG mobile and get free UC, that results in account ban forever. You will loose all your data and money which you have spent on your account.

So, Be careful. Better to buy UC fairly.

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