3 Ways to Remove PUBG Mobile age restriction/ Health Remainder 18 Years

3 Ways to Remove PUBG Mobile age restriction/ Health Remainder 18 Years

Sometimes, you may accidentally click below 18 years in PUBG Mobile, which restricts you from playing the game after 6 hours. It will be always you to take a break of 30min ,45min and after 6 hours, you can’t login the game anymore on that day.

So, here are the steps to follow in order to remove that restriction.

Steps to Remove 18 years Restriction in PUBG Mobile | Disabling Health Remainder

1st Method: 

Step 1) : Open the game and select setting at the bottom right.

Step 2) : Go to “ Others “ there you can see “ Yes No “ over there .

Step 3) : If you want to enable the health and need restrictions for the game, choose “ No “ .

If you want no restrictions and want to play the game without any break and for more than 6+ hours , then click “ Yes “.

Steps to Remove 18 years Restriction in PUBG Mobile

Note : Remember that, if you change that 18 Years “ Yes to No “ or “ No to Yes” then , you can’t be able to change it again for next 60 days . So, be careful.

2nd Method:

Step 1) : When you got that restricted remainder on the screen , click “ OK “ then you will be directed to login screen .

Step 2) : Now, ask your friend to get ready to invite you .

Step 3) : If you try to login again , you will get that remainder again , then don’t click but wait like that for a while.

Step 4) : Your friend can see you online even though you are having that remainder. Then ask him to invite you and start the game. Most of the time, the game will get started. But unfortunately , sometimes, you will get removed automatically.

Step 5) : You can use this trick to play 1 to 2 matches. After that better to change the age .

3rd Method :

Step 1) : Download some free VPN apps from Play store. Example : Solo VPN .

Step 2) : Open that and change the location and set some other country other than India .

Step 3) : If you change the location, automatically IP address gets changed.

Step 4) :  Now, open the PUBG Mobile and then you can’t get that health remainder anymore .

I recommend you to play the for 4-6 hours with some real interest. Playing too much also leads to some severe headache and you may loose the points due to stress and all. I have earned Ace with 4KD simple by playing 4 hours a day. I was conqueror in season 7.

PUBG mobile season-7 statistics

You can contact me at anonymousvarma@gmail.com for related information about PUBGM.

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