Learn How to Reset GoPro Hero 3 Without loosing Data

Learn How to Reset GoPro Hero 3 Without loosing Data

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Are you using Gopro hero 3? The situation comes when you need to reset or restore your device. If you are trying to troubleshoot a problem and you don’t know how to reset GoPro hero 3. Here is everything you need to know.

GoPro Hero 3

GoPro hero 3 is one of the most liked members of the GoPro family. The best key features are, it comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and Ultra-high-resolution. The Standard frame rates and Ultra HD resolution. It is the first GoPro cam that offers an excellent quality of Still photos. The overall hardware specification makes it perfect and 25% lighter than the others.

Why do you need to reset GoPro Hero 3?

Sometimes the camera setting may change somehow and results unsatisfying footage quality.

  • The audio quality is not good enough.
  • Auto-focus isn’t working.
  • Wi-Fi is not working properly.
  • The device isn’t reading the memory card.
  • The device switches off automatically.

How to resolve?

Like other software-controlled electronic devices, GoPro also makes such types of problems. Most of the times these situations can be resolved just by doing a hard reset ( if there is not any Hardware issue). If you don’t know How to reset GoPro hero 3 then you can just follow these simple steps.

#1. Firstly, you can remove the SD card from the device.

#2. Then come to the front part of the cam and long-press the Shutter Button. (Make sure the camera is powered off.)

#3. Then you can press the power button with Shutter.

how to resolve and reset gopro hero 3

#4. Once you are pressing both the camera will be powered on and it will reset the camera settings in original mode.

Of course these three simple steps will help you to reset all the settings. Once you are done with this and still you are facing the same problem then there is some hardware issue or the controlling software has been crashed.

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