Steps to find deleted Instagram messages

Steps to find deleted Instagram messages

How to find your deleted Instagram Conversations

Many times we encounter a problem where we need our old chats in the Instagram account. Instagram is also of the most likely used social media platforms. Millions of photos, videos and chats on Instagram on daily basis in this platform. Of course, we lose our chats for several reasons. Sometime, we prefer to delete our old chats or we get it cleared mistakenly. However, sometimes we are in a need to get the old deleted messages for any reason. Now, the question arises that Is it possible to find deleted Instagram messages?

Do not panic, you can still retrieve your old messages by following some easy steps. Obviously, this method can help you to find deleted Instagram messages.

Step-1 : Download Instagram Data 

You can use a third party website. Or this you will need your Instagram data. For collecting the data follow the below steps.

1) Firstly, Go to the profile section. You will get three dotted bars icons on the top right corner. Click on it.

Instagram profile page

2) A drop down list will come out. Select the “Settings” option from the drop down list.

Instagram settings option

3) Then next select the “Security” option and again a list will come up.

Instagram security option

4) Now go to the option called “Download Data“.

Download data option for instagram

Then you can fill your appropriate email id then you can click on “Request download” button here.

Instagram request data option

5) Then page will come up where you need to put your Instagram password. Now click on the next button.

provide Instagram correct username and password to done the process

6) Finally tap on the “Done” option.

Download requested confirmation page

Step-2: Check Email for Instagram Download Data Link

Now you need to wait for the Instagram to send the email that will contain all the information or data. The email will contain the link for downloading your data. If your account contains tons of data then the wait time will be more.

Step-3: Confirm the link and Download the data

1) Once you receive the email you need to click on the given link. After clicking on it will take you to the page where you need to fill your Instagram id and password.

Email Confirmation link for download data

Then you will get a link called “Download data”. Click on it.

Download the Instagram data button

2) The download of the received file will start. The file is in Zip format. Click on the file and select a folder where you want to store it.

zip format for download data informations

For iPhone or iPad Users to Download the Instagram data…

If you are using an iPhone or an iPad then you need to un-compress and re-compress the file otherwise you won’t be able to upload it in your Instagram. To do so, long press the file and you will get uncompressed option. Again long press and click on the compress option. This process won’t take longer time.

For Android Users to Download the data…

In case of android, you don’t have to decompressed it.  You need to visit a website called  You need to click on the square in the middle and click browse to upload the zip file that you have already downloaded. to find deleted conversations for any Instagram account

Note:- The uploading time will depend on the size of the data that you are uploading. If it is of big size then the waiting time can be more.

Step-4: “Show deleted” button helps to find your deleted messages 

1) You now need to click on the button “Show Deleted”. And now you will able to see all you deleted Instagram messages. You have the history of all the conversation that is deleted.

However, you cannot find deleted Instagram messages in the Instagram app. You will able to see it only in the website called So, this is an effective method to find deleted Instagram messages. Using this method you will be able to get back your valuable deleted DMs. Hope this method help you to get back your messages.

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