How to know Instagram hacked and how to secure more

How to know If your account hacked??

  • If you received any mail from Instagram authority about a new login on your account which you have not done.
  • While login, it shows the wrong password message again & again. Though you have not changed your password.
  • You observed that you are getting lots of updates from people who have not followed and you are on their follow list too.
  • Images and video uploaded from your account but you have not done this.
  • SMS send to unknown people whom you don’t even know.

If you found the above-mentioned activity it can be possible that your Instagram account is hacked.

How to make your account secure?

In this time nothing is impossible whatever it is. Hacker are hacking secure bank account  So hacking a social media account is not a big deal for them. To protect your Instagram account it will be a good choice to make it secure as much as you can. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Make sure you gave a strong password. And don’t share it with anyone else.
  2. change your password too frequently. And it will be a good option to turn on two-factor authentication. To enable this Go to your profile and then select settings. After that go to privacy and security and select  Two-factor authentication. Select your authentication method.
  3. Don’t give access to any third-party apps if you are not comfortable.
  4. If you logged in from someone else phone, don’t forget to logout.

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