How to create a Gmail account without a phone number

How to create a Gmail account without a phone number

How to create a new google account without a mobile number?

In this tutorial, you can learn how to sign up successfully for a Gmail account without using a phone number. Of course, many times we are in need of a new Gmail account. Whether you want to signup for a website you already have registered or Protect yourself from spammy email with an extra Gmail account. Whatever your reasons are, You can easily create a Gmail account with these simple steps. But before you go ahead and create a new Gmail account, You can use Gmail tricks to make the most of your old account as well.

Create Gmail Without Phone Number

1) Visit Google Signup Page or Gmail App on Android Phone.

New google account page

Here, You can create a google account for free. Firstly, you need to enter your name fields. Provide the First and Last name here. Then you would be required to choose your new Gmail address. If your choice of Gmail address is already taken, You can add words or numerical values to differentiate your account. Alternatively, You can also use google username suggestions for choosing available Gmail addresses. Apart from choosing a Gmail address, You can also use your own custom email or Yahoo mail. Once, You have chosen your google account. Now, You have to Enter a Password, Remember to add Numerics, Alphabets, and Symbols for extra security. Once all done you can click on next.

2) Creating Gmail Without Phone Verification

Gmail Phone number verification page

Make sure you are doing this in incognito mode, So google won’t ask to verify your account. After entering all the details, You’ll be redirected to a new page. Here, Google will ask for your phone number and other details. You just simply have to ignore the following and do not enter your phone number. Below the phone number, You’ll see the recovery email you can also skip the following if you wish so. Now, You must enter a Birth date, It doesn’t have to be true. Once that done, Enter your Gender. After filling all the information required, You can click on the Next button.

3) Agree on Terms and Condition

Google Account terms and conditions page

Gmail account first time welcome page for every new accounts

After this, you are almost done to create a Gmail account without phone verification. You have to read their terms and agreement policy and click on the agree button. Now, You have a whole new Gmail account to yourself. This method is the simplest to create Gmail without a phone number. You can Logon with the following Gmail address to any of google products.

4) Unlimited Signup with Single Gmail Account

If your only motivation for creating multiple Gmail accounts is to signup on a website. You can use the Gmail dot trick to get past this. Whether you are using this signup on Android Device or on a website. This will work on both. The trick is very simple and saves your time to create a Gmail account without a phone number.

Use (dot). In-between your Gmail address.


Add a (dot). In-between the Address

This will trick the website into thinking that you are signing up with a fresh Gmail account. All the emails with the dot and without end up in your email box only.

5) Getting Back to Gmail Account without Creating a New one

If you have lost or forgotten your Email or Password. And wants to create a new Gmail for that reason. A better option could be to recovery your older Gmail. Using the Google recovery option anybody can get their email address back.

1) First of all, You can visit the Google Sign-in Page, And enter your Gmail account.

2) Now, Once google ask for a password, click on the Forgot Password button on the bottom left.

3) Google will ask you a bunch of ‘Security Question’, That you have added when creating your account.

4) Enter the answers for them, And you can reset your password back.

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