How to change Truecaller name and location if the app showing it wrong

How to change Truecaller name and location if the app showing it wrong

Truecaller is showing a strange name or an absurd location? Nothing to worry about, it happens sometimes. We will show you how to change TrueCaller name and how can you point your actual location.

As a matter of fact, TrueCaller is the most liked mobile application for detecting an unknown caller. Your mobile handset reflects the caller’s name you previously saved. The application helps you to identify the caller before you receive the call by showing your caller’s name, location, and picture. Every technology is worthy if you use it in a proper way. Sometimes it also reflects your data wrongly if you never rectified.

Why Truecaller shows wrong information?


TrueCaller fetches your details from other phones, in which your details have been saved in its phone book and the application is also installed in it. Now let say you work at a hotel and your good name is ‘Max Paul’ and your pet name is ‘Jo’. So one of your friends or co-workers saved your name as ‘Jo Hotel’, then TrueCaller can reflect your name as “Jo Hotel” in default settings.


Also, there is a possibility, that your phone no was previously used by another person. Now TrueCaller may have the old data in TrueCaller database and reflecting the same.

How to fix and change the true caller name and location?

Here the question arises that how to change TrueCaller name? There are two possible ways to do that, both can help you. Following any of the two, you can come with a solution.

Solution 1 – Change Truecaller name

You can change your data in TrueCaller just by installing the application on your smartphone (Android Device/Windows/iOS).

#1. Firstly, Download and launch the TrueCaller application on your smart phone.

#2. Then verify your phone number followed by the SMS.

#3. Once verified open the app and go to the menu.

Truecaller Menu

#4. Then select the Edit profile(if you are having the old version).

Truecaller edit profile

#5. Click the Pencil Icon (side of your name) to edit your name.

Edit name in truecaller pencil icon

#6. Enter your Name and Company (if you want).

#7. Save the changer by clicking the Tick (√) icon.

Save changes in truecaller

Now you have successfully updated your data so your real name will reflect on calling person’s phone.

Solution 2 – Change Truecaller profile information for your number

Here you just go to the TrueCallers web page and log in followed by your email id. Once logged in search for your number there. Choose the Suggest Name function and enter your name.

Truecaller suggest name

Edit truecaller suggest name

This step may or may not be working so it’ll be better to try the first one. If you are not using a smartphone, this step can be helpful to you.

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