How to Take Screenshot in ASUS Laptop[6 Easy Methods]


There are different methods to take screenshots on the laptops and desktops. Most of the laptops have shortcut keys to take screenshots, but taking screenshots with those keys will make you print the whole screen. You will need a printing screen option for blogging purposes or any social media purpose.

6 Tricky Methods help How to Take Screenshot in ASUS Laptop

What if you want to print the part of the screen. Now, after taking a screenshot of the whole screen, you will need to edit the screenshot. Identically, That will be a very lengthy process. Hence we have brought the solution to all such problems in the below methods.

The default method to take screenshots on an ASUS laptop is to press the prtScr (print screen) key along with the function key. There are many tools available on the internet that will provide you the best screen printing

1) Using the snipping tool

There is an inbuilt screen capture tool provided by the Windows operating system known as snipping tools. This tool has many features, like selecting the part of the screen you want; you can also use the highlighter.

For using this feature, you have to follow the steps given below.

1.1) Firstly, you can press the Windows button.

1.2) In a search box on the left side down, type snipping tool and open it.

1.3) The snipping tool application will open in front of you and select a new option.

1.4) Then, select the screen you want to print and then save the screenshot.

Snipping tool will provide you free-form snipping, Rectangular snipping, full-form snipping, and window snipping. The default screenshot gets automatically saved in picture folders.

2) Fullscreen or Whole-screen screenshots

These two methods will only work in Windows OS. Compatible windows Versions are 8 and 10.

2.1) Besides your function keys, You will see the PrtScr key, press that. You will see that whole screens; the screenshot is taken. This one is also known as the active window method.

2.2) Another method is to press the window key along with PrtScr.

3) Using a paint tool

Now, this trick is not familiar to many of us. It is one of the best techniques to take the screenshot and edit it at the same time.

3.1) To copy the whole screen on the clipboard, you have to press the PrtScr key.

3.2) After that, you can type the paint in the windows search box and click on that MSPaint application here.

3.3) Next, you can press your keyboard for ctrl+v, or you can right-click and select the paste option.

3.4) You will see that the whole screen is paste in the paint.

3.5) Image editing is also possible with this method.

3.6) After doing the changes, save the image to your destination folder as normal pictures screenshots are saved.

4) Active screen printing

If you have many windows open, click on the window you want to print.

4.1) After that, at the same time, Press the alt and PrtScr key.

4.2) Open paint, as we mentioned above.

4.3) Similarly, you can paste it by pressing the ctrl+v key on your system.

4.4) Similarly, This one is also the alt print method.

5) Taking custom screenshots

There are many tools and plugins available to take the screenshot some of the known tools on the internet are snipping tool and Snagit.

5.1) You can also do it by pressing the Windows key and s simultaneously and selecting the screen you want with a mouse’s help by dragging the pointer.

5.2) Again, paste in the paint application and save it.

5.3) Notably, This method will work in Windows 10 systems only.

6) Using Snagit tool

6.1) First of all, you can install the Snagit from the internet available for free for the first 15 days. After that, you will need to purchase it.

6.2) Run the application and click on the capture option on the right side.

6.3) Then, you can select the portion that you want to screenshot.

6.4) Afterwards, You will see the camera icon here; click on it.

6.5) Your image will automatically open in the editor. Customize the image according to you, like effects, highlighting, marking, etc.

6.6) Click on File and then on the save button to save it.


Printing screen is very nowadays as there are many keyboard shortcut provided. Windows 8 and 10 have provided us the default tools for capturing the screen. We have given you six different options for your ASUS laptop to print the screen. 

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