How to high contrast mode for Windows 10

How to high contrast mode for Windows 10

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Windows has launched a high contrast mode for vision problem personalities. When you enable this option, your screen will become contrast-oriented. You will notice that you see more black backgrounds and white backgrounds than any other color.

How to Turn Off/On High Contrast Mode for Windows 10

1st method:

This mode is also beneficial for those who spend hours on their computer or laptop screens. Initially, here there are two methods found to turn on or off high contrast mode. One is using the shortcut keys, and the other is by going into the settings. The Windows operating system only supports this mode.

There is a combination of shortcut keys that you have to press at the same time to enable or disable the mode. 

1) Press together left Alt + left Shift + Print Screen SysRq.

2) After that, your computer will enable or disable the mode in seconds.

If this method did not work, go for the second one. The second method will indeed work.

2nd method:

1) Firstly, click on the windows start icon.

2) From the left down corner, open the settings.

3) After that, go in ease of access.

4) You will notice, by default, ease of access high contrast mode is open.

5) Click on that toggle to turn on or off.

In some cases, your machine may take some time to load the mode because of a change in appearance. Your computer will show you more black or white color in this mode. HCM will change the appearance of each window, and it will become a vision-friendly screen.


It is essential to realize that you don’t need to surf the internet or download any application or plugin when trying this high constant mode. Windows already has it by default. You have to go through those steps given above to on or off the mode. Dont worry! Other system default settings no need to change because of this. Everything will be as it is when you change the settings.

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