How to fix “your browser is managed by your organization” -Google chrome error



Google Chrome might show a “browser is managed by the organization” message because policies control the chromes settings. You may face this issue in the laptop, PC, Chromebook, MAC if third-party applications control their policies.

Management in Chrome

In this phenomenon, google chrome grants the permissions that are managed by the administration. If you are an employee of some company, your administrator may set various policies to secure their confidential data.

Setting various policies can control the whole browser, or Chrome is managed by them, especially if you are using the Chromebook. They have full access to the chrome browser settings.

What if you don’t have an organization?

In some cases, where you don’t have an organization, you may also get this message because your software application manages google chrome now because of chrome 73. This problem does not come to ordinary people using Chrome.

If you are using qualified software, then only you might get this message. If you are not using such software, still you are getting this message, then there may be malicious things. You don’t have to worry. Just run malware removal software.

How to check?

Click on the menu bar on the right corner of the browser upside. Below the exit button, you will see get that message. If you are not getting such a message, then your browser is not controlled by the organization.

You can also check by entering the command below in the URL of Chrome. There you can get detailed information about it.

  • chrome://management

A solution to “your browser is managed by your organization” problem


Policies in google chrome are stored under the registry key in the registry editor. Typing regedit in the run will take you to the registry editor in windows.

For windows, it appears here HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome go to this location and delete the files.

When you delete this chrome policy, Then your browser will not show that message. Linux users may find their policies here /etc/opt/chrome/policies. 

Now delete the folder, and you are good to go.

If you are using the MAC then go to /Library/Managed Preferences/[user]/ or /Library/Managed Preferences/[user]/complete.plist

Delete this file, and you will not get the message.


Check avast antivirus web shield. Sometimes this web shield also causes this problem, so try to close the web shield and then reopen the browser and then check. If it continues to show a message, then avast is not a problem.


Lastpass password manager may be another reason for this problem. If you have recently installed or updated the LastPass, then check it once. And also check policy settings to their original ways.

If you are the one who has LastPass installed for nothing, make sure you uninstall it. Then the search engine will not show such a message.


In the URL bar of google chrome, you can type chrome://flags/ and enter it. In search-flags type managed, It will take you to Show managed UI for managed users option. From the drop-down menu, please disable it. This will also help you to vanish that message.


We have shared with you the four methods that can help you to get rid of the message. This message may occur in some cases only with your default search engine. We have also provided a solution for MAC and Chromebook users. In this post, we have also provided a way to check if such a message exists.


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