How to fix windows search bar not working issue

How to fix windows search bar not working issue


Sometimes due to technical errors, your search may not respond correctly. This thing can also happen if windows updates were installed incorrectly. If you have an operating system issue, then also you may face this system error.

7 methods help to fix “windows search bar not working” problem 

The latest update has come with the search issue regarding the search bar. Sometimes searching may also close the running windows. Sometimes search results may not appear due to software errors. Also, check for viruses and malware in the machine because the virus that affected the index may also disable your search options.

Here there is a different kind of ways to fix this problem. All the methods are shared below.

Method-1) Restart your computer/pc:- 

First of all, you can Restart your computer or laptop. Restarting your machine will fix all the mini errors and also gives a fresh start. Some applications running in the background and are no longer are in use will also be closed.

If you want to restart your computer, there are two methods which are

1) Go to the start menu or the start button and then select the restart option from there

2) Next, you can also press the window shortcut keys ctrl+alt+delete and then choose the restart button.

Method-2) Restart searchUI.exe or windows search service:-

1) Open the task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar, or you can also press ctrl+alt+delete and click the taskbar.

2) Click on the process menu.

3) There find the SearchUI.exe.

4) Right-click on it and end it.

5) It will automatically restart when you search for the next time.

Method-3) Reset search

1) Click on the start menu.

2) Go to the settings.

3) Then click on system and then about.

4) Below the Windows, specification click on the version of windows.

5) Now reset Cortana by opening Cortana from the start menu and then right-click on it and then reset.

Method-4) Troubleshooter

1) Open the Start menu, then click on the Settings option.

2) In the Settings option, you can click on Update & Security and then Troubleshoot.

3) Select Find and fix other problems, and go for the Search and Indexing option.

4) When troubleshooter will open, select the problem and troubleshoot it.

You can also access the troubleshooter using the command prompt. Open the run using the windows+R key. In that box, you can type cmd and press enter. Type the following command—>   msdt.exe -epWindowsHelp id SearchDiagnostic 

Method-5) Update windows.

1) Open the windows update from the settings. For this, follow these steps.

2) Open the control panel by typing it in the search box and go to update and security.

3) Click on windows update and then install the updates if any available.

Updating your windows version will fix the internal windows errors and also improve the search functionality. Not only search but updating the windows will also help you to overcome many issues. It is necessary to update windows because windows ensure the security by giving various patches update.

Method-6) Rebuilding the index.

The rebuilding option is available in the control panel. Afterwards, you can open the control panel and then click on the indexing option. After that, open the advanced option. And then click on the rebuild button option. Know that while your machine is rebuilding, you cannot use the search option.

Method -7) Reinstall the operating system.

If nothing works, you can try reinstalling the operating system. Use the original product. Don’t buy pirated versions of windows. By doing this, you will get new windows, but there will be future software problems.


There are various reasons your search option might not work, but we have given you the best seven methods to solve this issue. You can try this method to troubleshoot the search bar.


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