Everything You Learn about Windows Defender SmartScreen

Everything You Learn about Windows Defender SmartScreen


When you download files from the internet, there are many chances that your file may contain malicious software. For ensuring the security and protection from these types of malicious websites or software, the windows operating system has provided windows defender, or you can say anti-malware software.

Windows defender checks apps and files after it is downloaded and block malicious files. When you visit a website, windows defender SmartScreen is activated, and it checks all the pages from the website if something nasty is found, SmartScreen warns you, and SmartScreen blocks that page.

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Where is the SmartScreen option?

There are no shortcut keys to access the SmartScreen option you have to go with specific steps to find the SmartScreen option. It is only available for windows 10. Remember this is not anti-virus software. The steps are as follows

1) Firstly, you can go to the start menu and click on the settings icon.

2) then after click on the update and security option here.

3) After that, click on windows security and then the apps and browser control option.

4) You will get different SmartScreen options like SmartScreen for windows store, SmartScreen for Microsoft edge.

5) Change the settings according to you, but we recommend you to enable the settings and don’t change default SmartScreen settings.

Smartscreensecurity features

Anti-malware:- Files are automatically checked for unwanted adware and malware if you perform attempts to download them. It also serves the security checks of the whole webpage and files present on it.

Anti-phishing:-  There are many phishing websites which may steal your private data SmartScreen also takes action upon this kind of websites. Phishing may also lead you to the wrong information. You can also submit the website to google for phishing check.

Creators Update:- Timely updates are provided by them for ensuring security.

Windows store apps:- Smartscreen filters also perform certain checks for windows store apps. Although they are already checked before uploading, still they are checked.

Blocks URL:- SmartScreen also blocks malicious websites that may be risky to access. Sometimes URL with too many ads are also warned.

Submission of data to SmartScreen

There is a way that you can send the file for Microsoft review at windows defender security centre. Upload the file you want to check and then select Microsoft defender SmartScreen. The file will be submitted to them, and they will check and revert you back.

You can also see the event log of the file that are checked. Viewing log will tell you in detail where the problem is.


There are much anti-Phishing software, but in this post, we have come with the in-build anti-malicious software that is windows defender SmartScreen. We have provided you with in-depth information related to the SmartScreen and also some mind-blowing features.

Everything you know about in this post regarding windows defender SmartScreen. Moreover, when you want to access the SmartScreen, various steps are given. If someone is unable to access the defender, you can also use the offline version of it which is provided in CD/DVD or removable USB drive.


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