How To Uninstall Reshade- Explained


What are reshaders?

Of course, Reshade is a unique injector, which is held on post-processing. Moreover, Reshaders to give different effects to the game. Reshaders will help you to shade down your favourite games like PUBG according to you. With the help of reshaders you can give a magnificent graphical view to the games.

There are different reshade plugins for giving effects, and you can also install the reshaders manually. Reshaders have different colours and graphical effects. After installing the reshaders, you may see the warm appearance to your game. You will also get additional colour settings with them like vibrant colours etc.

Why uninstall reshaders?

Recently PUBG announced a post that says “If anyone is using reshaders kindly remove them as soon as possible else game might not work”. However, they will not block you. Your game also will not work.

The process to remove reshaders (Uninstall Reshaders)

If you want to remove the installed reshade altogether, you must find some files and the games’ folders. There are some .ini and .dll files that should be deleted. Please read the files given neatly and then delete else, you will end deleting the game’s file, and your game may not work correctly.

Step-1) Close the game if it is running in the background.

Step-2) Find the folder names reshade-shaders.

Step-3) delete this folder.

Step-4) Then find the dxgi.dll and dxgi.ini files from the game directory.

Step-5 ) Delete these .ini and dll files.

Step-6) Restart the computer or laptop.

Step-7) Start the game and check. You will not see the reshaders effect.

Some games may have different files which are mentioned below. 

There are some other dll and .ini extension files that need to remove. They are not available every time, but delete it, in case you see one. The files are mentioned below.

  • opengl32.ini and opengl32.dll
  • dxgi.ini and dxgi.dll
  • d3d8.ini and d3d8.dll
  • d3d9.ini and d3d9.dll

Removing the reshaders is not a bid deal; you can remove them easily by finding the right folders and files from the directory.


In this post introduction of the reshaders is given. We have answered a few questions about the reshaders. We have given you reshade removing methods. The only thing is, you have to delete the files and folders mentioned above, and wow, your game has lost the reshader-effect.

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