Best Free DJ software in 2021- Explained

Best Free DJ software in 2022- Explained

1) Virtual DJ:

Virtual DJ -Free DJ Software

Of course, virtual Dj is one of the most popular Dj software among beginners in 2022. This software can be used by installing it from any virtual DJ website( In addition, the earlier version of this software is not preferred by the professionals though it was popular among the newbies. However, the latest updated version of Virtual DJ 2020 came with an attractive interface. It can now give tough competition to the other online DJ platforms.


The special features of this software are as follows-

i) Harmonic mixing:

Using this feature you can mix one track to the other harmonically. This is a very important feature of also called key mixing. Here the primary goal is to smooth the transition of two tracks. Identically, this helps the DJs to create a harmonious and smooth track with any genre of music.

ii) Event scheduler:

Using this feature you can put a note of the upcoming events and the song to play.

iii) Online streaming:

To enjoy this feature you need to get the sound cloud storage device. After getting the pack you need to go to sound cloud and all your tracks will be there. On the other hand, you can make your content available on youtube, Facebook, and other social medical platform. You can even podcast the track which is an amazing feature.

iv) You can enjoy other special features like Karaoke, flanging, echo, beat slicers, loopers, video mixing, etc.

v) It supports several controllers like a pioneer, Numark, etc.

vi) Notably, the software is available or MAC, and PC.

Or this awesome Dj software you will have to pay one time to get the virtual DJ software license. After which you can use this as free DJ software. The updates for this software will be free once you buy the license.

2) Cross Dj

Cross DJ- Best DJ Application

This amazing software comes with three versions, but the free version of this is also surprisingly capable. The software is available on the website for both MAC and PC.


The extraordinary features of this software are as follows-

i) It offers you three effects and two decks, the video decks have 35 video transition modes, three video effects the recorded videos will be watermarked in the free version.

ii) Identically, the software supports iTunes and remote iOS support.

iii) The most inexpensive way to getting cross DJ is in the iOS platform as mixvibes makes cross DJ or iPad and iPhone.

iv) Obviously, the main version costs only $49 and the pro version comes in $89.

v) Once you get the application by doing the one-time payment you can enjoy these amazing free DJ software.

3) DJ ProDecks

DJ ProDecks - Free DJ Software

It is an amazing windows DJ application. You can download it from


The amazing features of this platform are as follows-

i) The software supports a range of input audio file formats like FLA, MP2, AAC and WMA in addition to MP3 and WAV. So, it whatever file you play on it will be supported.

ii) You can use three effect per deck which are echo, flagger and wah. You can load up a track with multi-wheel controller.

iii) Of course, each deck has three memory banks in which you can hold cue points and loops. Eachdeck also has three sample slots or each shot effects.

iv) There are several other features like auto loop, real time EQ, auto deck sync, automix with auto detection of beats.

v) There is a music library which can be accessed by using computer’s keyboard as a controller.

4) Serato DJ Intro

Serato DJ Intro- Free DJ

It is a scratching and beat matching software that is available or both PC and Mac. It is supported in several operating systems including windows built. This software is free of cost and can be downloaded from


The features of the software are as follows-

i) Serato DJ intro is another version of Serato DJ software. The software supports various hardware controllers that includes Denon DJ MC400, Pioneer DDJ-SB2 etc. You can also enjoy 4 deck mixing.

ii) The software also allows you to match beat and scratch music and modify them using cue and loop points. Moreover, you can even jump within a track.

iii) You can spice up your content with basic effects. You can drop sample slots in live performance.

5) Mixxx

Mixxx Free and Best DJ Application

It is an advance level DJ mixing software for professionals which is available for both MAC and PC. This software is available on the software Mixxx is a free DJ software that has better specification than a paid one.


The features are as follows-

i) There are two decks that support features like stretching, vinyl emulation, beat looping, pitch bend and hot cues.

ii) The software support many audio formats like crossfader and EQ. There are our decks that let you drop samples for live performances.

iii) You can open a file, repair a file and file recovery of your stored items can be done.

iv) In this software you can record your track and broadcast them over Shoutcast. It also offer you the chance to talk to your audiences. It supports MIDI controllers that gives more hand-on controls.

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