How to fix "System error 5 has occurred" error

How to fix “System error 5 has occurred” Issue

Overview about “System error 5 has occurred” Error Message 

The command prompt which is available in many windows operating systems can execute up to 280 different commands. A command-line interface is used to perform the task.

In fact, some of the functions that we perform by using Graphical Windows Interface can be done using the same commands. Of course, your access to the command prompt will be denied if you do not enter valid commands and you will not get valid search results.

When you enter the windows command and start running you may encounter an error message “System error 5 has occurred”.

Usually, this error occurs only when you try to run command prompt without any administrative rights. In case you can run administrative command prompt means this issue, not happened for your windows systems. Notably, In order to run cmd for admin that needs to administrative privileges.

It is not easy to run the command as an administrator. Identically, the elevated command prompt that helps to run the command as an administrator. The elevated command prompt is named as Administrator command prompt.

You usually open a command prompt from the start menu which is the non-administrative version without privileges. This stops you from exercising administrative privileges.

You need to add some additional steps to open an administrative command prompt. To gain permission to access the elevated command prompt and run some commands without the “System error 5 has occurred” message popping out follow the below steps.

Avoiding the “System error 5 has occurred” access denied error message in Windows

You can bypass the “System error 5 has occurred” access denied error message by elevating your command prompt to the administrator command prompt.

The frequently used easy ways to do so are as follows-


Obviously, the most simple step to open an administrator command prompt is to search it in Windows search.

Followed by the search result right-click on “command prompt”.

Then, you will get the first option as run as administrator to get the administrative privileges.

A user account control prompt will pop up on the screen asking for permission here.

Then, you can click on “Yes”.

Now you will have all the administrative privileges and “System error 5 has occurred” will not appear.

command prompt run as adminstrator

user account popup asking control permission


Similarly, you can open a command prompt from the file explorer to open the administrator command prompt.

Navigate to the “File Explorer” option and then you can select the local disk (C:) icon.

Afterwards go to the Windows System 32.

Now search for the “cmd.exe” file and right-click on it. Now select Run as administrator to get the privileges.

run command prompt for system 32 in local disk c


On the other hand, you can also launch a command prompt using the task manager.

You can open the task manager by searching it in the task manager or using keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+Shift+Esc).

Now choose File and navigate to “Run new task”.

If you do not get the file menu here, then click on “More details” and get the advance view that will include the file menu.

Now “Create new task” dialogue box will pop up.

Type “cmd” and click on the check box (“Create the task with administrative privileges”).

Now click OK. Now you can enjoy the privileges of an elevated command prompt.

Identically, the administrative privileges allow you to run privileged commands.  These mentioned ways will help you to avoid the “System error 5 has occurred” error message and run the command without wasting net time.

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