Fix up Authentication Error Occurred Wi-Fi

Fix up Authentication Error Occurred Wi-Fi

Do you know how to solve the error? Does it have a permanent solution? If you are using a Wi-Fi network, you must get an Authentication error occurred Wi-Fi message.

Mostly for android users, it’s a very common issue faced when trying to access wifi for the smartphone. Don’t worry it usually happens while you will be establishing a Wi-Fi connection. Before we discuss how to cure the problem we need to know why it happens.

#1. What is the Wi-Fi authentication problem?

Wi-Fi authentication problem in mobile

Wi-Fi Authentication occurs whenever you connect to a Wi-Fi network on your device. In order to connect your device to the network, you have to authenticate the protected network using the correct password.

Sometimes, if you are providing the correct password but it is still showing authentication problems. Be calm it’s the problem that we are discussing here.

#2. Why the error Authentication occurs?

error Authentication in network

Every time you connect the Wi-Fi router and your device, it runs a backend authentication process. Firstly, the device sends an encrypted connect request with the password.

In the next step, the router matches the entered password with the previously saved password over the router. If it matches then the Authentication will be ok otherwise that will reflect an error.

There are a few more reasons for which your device can reflect the Wi-Fi authentication problem. Mostly it happens due to a disrupted Wi-Fi router.

Secondly, if you recently updated your phone/laptop or the Wi-Fi adapter on your device, it can be the reason for the error. Also, an unstable connection over your router or security attack can malfunction your Wi-Fi network.

#3. How to Fix up Authentication Error?

Method:1 Recheck the Wi-Fi password

asking wifi password in smart phone

Before you go for the further steps, recheck the password you entered. If it’s a long and complicated password then better to write it newly.

Method-2: Check the Wi-Fi Adapters

Check all network adapter and update drivers for windows device manager

Check the Wi-Fi adopter installed on your device. If you mistakenly deleted it or it needs an update then download the newer available version. But sometimes you can face the problem with the newer version then use the older version of it until it comes with new update by removing the glitch.

Method-3: Remove the DHCP and use static IP address

Dynamic host Configuration Protocol is the Default Ip for most of the smart networking devices. Authentication Error Occurred Wi-Fi can be a result of conflict DHCP. You better change it as static.

You can do that by following the below steps.

#1. Firstly you can go to the settings of your android device and find the Wireless and network settings option.

#2. Now find the WLAN/Wi-Fi option.

#3. Now click on the network which is showing the authentication error.

#4. You can do it from the router settings as well.

#5. Here you have to locate the IP settings and change the IP from DHCP to Static.

Change the IP Address settings for DHCP to Static

#6. Here you note all the Static IP stats and punch it by removing the older one.

Static IP Address stats

Method-4: Reset or reconnect the Wi-Fi network

You can reset the Wi-Fi network from your device easily with these simple steps.

#1. Firstly, Go to the Wi-Fi network settings. Here you will get all the saved and available Wi-Fi networks over your device.

#2. Now long-press or right-click on the network name depending on you are using a mobile or PC.

#3. Click on the forget option to totally disconnect the network from your device.

#4. Now again click on the network name and connect by giving the password newly.

Method-5: Reset the Wi-Fi host router

Reset the Wi-Fi Router using Reset button on network device

You can reset your router stats from the router settings by logging in to the portal of the router. But there is a specific button on your router to do it by a single click.

Find the router button mounted somewhere on your router give a long press and you are done. Yes, it is that simple. Once you are done with this charge in the IP settings to modify the network, it will be ready to use. This can be the most effective way to solve whatever error you are getting on your WI-FI.

Method-6: Reset your device

Reset Smart Phone Device using Factory data reset

If your router is in the right condition and connecting to the other devices there must be some issue on your device. In such cases you have to locate the issue otherwise you can factory reset your phone. Most of the phones have a factory reset option somewhere in the settings (Depending on the phone). Also, you can do that by using the power key and the volume key.

These were the best-proven steps to solve Authentication Error Occurred Wi-Fi. These will definitely help you to fix up the error. Also, there are a lot of android system repair applications. Some of them can help you to solve the issue but we don’t recommend you use them. Doing so can harm your data security.

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