Top 8 Best courses to learn python online

Top 8 Best courses to learn python online

Are you looking for the best courses to learn python online?

Python is one of the hottest programming languages to learn. In fact, It is the programming language of the future and present. The possibility and opportunity in python are very visible in the coming decades. From Artificial Intelligence to decluttering Big data python programmers are high in demand. Python is a high-level language that was created by Guido van Rossum. Of course, It is very popular due to its simplicity and powerful algorithms. Meanwhile, It is no surprise that python added 2 million more developers in just 2018. If you want to learn Python then this is the best time. That’s why we bring you a list of best courses to learn python online.

Why Learn Python Language

Easy to Learn

As a matter of fact, Python is simply very easy to learn. If you compare python with a different language you’ll notice that the syntax is very human-readable. Even if someone is naive to programming. They could easily hold the grip in python with little effort. Notably, It is becoming the first language for many self-taught programmers.

Phyton is the future

Are you also fascinated with the ideas of smart machines? If yes then phyton is for you. Artificial Intelligence is based upon the environment of python programming language. Moreover, If you want to build a smart algorithm and robots consider learning this amazing language. There are more jobs in this field then it supplies.

It’s a scripting language

If you are a web developer and want to transit into a new language. And don’t want to get into the hassle of learning Environment and other prerequisites for many languages. Then consider python because it is a scripting language. Of course, You don’t have to be worried to compile the language before you run your program. You can just write and run parallelly.

Excellent for cybersecurity

In today’s digital age cybersecurity is one of the most important fields. As hackers are becoming more sophisticated in their work. There is a high demand for Ethical hackers, Who can counter them. And knowing python is a necessity for cybersecurity experts. Additionally, many programs and software are completely written in python only. And if you want to become an ethical hacker then you need to learn python online.

Data science and Big data

In fact, Data Science and Big data are the highest paying jobs today and in the future. Companies are spending billions to hire talented data scientists, who can extract useful data from their company. In the 21st century, Data is digital gold. And if you want to mine this gold. Then you need to learn python.

Top 8 Best courses to learn python online

Now that you know the benefits of python, And assuming you are pumped up to add this language into your skillset. Of course, here is the list of Top 8 Best courses to learn python online.

1) Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python


Visit –


This course available form Udemy is one of the most popular among beginners. The course offers more than 100 lectures for lifetime access. It does not have any prerequisites and you can start even if you have never code. You’ll learn from basics to advance python topics in one course. After completion of this course, you can develop games and software for real-life projects.


2) Python for Everybody Specialization


Visit –


Python for Everybody Specialization is a course offered by the University of Michigan. The course will teach you to analyze data and program applications and games in python language. In other words, It will also teach you to visualize data. After completion of this course, you’ll able to manage databases and maintain python programs. It also comes with multiple subtitles, If English is not your first language.


3) Python 3 Tutorial from Codeacademy


Visit –


Python 3 Tutorial from Codeacademy offers the latest python tutorial. The course is offered by great instructors, Who are the master of python language. Additionally, this course emphasis Python 3 that is the latest version of this programming language. Codeacamdey claims the students of the website are hired by top companies like Google and IBM. Also, they have received many positive reviews on the internet from their students.


4) Learn Python Programming Masterclass


Visit –


Learn Python Programming Masterclass is one of the best courses for beginners. If you are absolutely naive to the programming world. This course may be for you. The only prerequisites by the instructor are a machine (Mac/Windows) and an enthusiasm to learn. If you meet both then you may able to learn python with ease. Learning this course will make your cable of developing software, Maintaining database and programming robots.


5) Python For Developers


Visit –


Python For Developers is specially designed for people interested in development. It is created by a developer for developers. The uniquely designed python course is perfect for anyone looking to learn from the best. On the other hand, they will not only teach you the language but also it’s real-life implementation. They will take you into a journey of learning and observing the programming language. The course has more than 50 high-quality lectures.


6) Google’s Python Class


Visit –


Google’s Python Class is designed by the master of this programming language. If a big corporation like Google is offering a learning course you know it is useful. Moreover, the course is a compilation of blogs and video tutorials explaining complex python topics. It is completely free and will give a good insight into how Python actually works. You are not required to signup or register just visit the website and start learning this amazing language.


7) Introduction to Python for Data Science


Visit –


The course is offered by Microsoft. You can easily bet on the quality of education you’ll get from the brand. This course is completely free and only charges for a certification. More than half a million students have already enrolled in this course. If you want to level up your skill then learn from the best instructors of Microsoft. You can complete this course within a month.


8) Python Tutorial for Beginners | Full Python Programming Course


Visit –


This course is offered by a youtube channel called Programming with Mosh. The channel has over 800k subscribers, Who regularly watch his content. Mosh has uploaded this course for free on youtube. More than 6+ million students have already learned from these free resources. The video has more than 200k likes and many thousands of positive comments. If you want to learn phyton for free then you should check out this course.


In conclusion, I hope you enjoy this list of Top 8 best courses to learn python online. We’ll make future updates if there are any changes.

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