How To Delete Byju’s Account {Help Guide}

How To Delete Byju's Account {Help Guide}

If you want to know How to delete Byju’s account by using the right procedure? Then, here we are going to discuss some different types of steps to remove your appropriate Byju’s account permanently without getting into any trouble on your end. Before proceeding we will discuss what Byju’s is and why the user comes across the idea to delete their account in Byju’s.

What is Byju’s App?

Nowadays, children want to improve their studies by joining online tuition to complete their syllabus. Using some online study platforms like byju’s, helps them to complete their courses. So parents buy subscriptions to byju’s classes for their children.

1) To install the byju’s app, you need to go to the play store or app store and search byju’s app and install it on your device.

2) To sign up for the byju’s app you need to enter your mobile phone number and the course of the student and the class in which he/she is studying after that you can start using the app.

Why Delete Byju’s Account?

There is various reason why the user deletes Byju’s account from their device. It is very important to know, that when Byju’s was first started, the app where technically used to teach students from classes 4-12 due to the increasing competition in the Indian market. Byju’s expand their courses and also move towards the competitive exam courses of UPSC and many others. Due to which the courses of the package become expensive.

As we know, it is a very big platform which also gives you some study material for the preparation due to which Byju’s launched its own tablet. So, many small children start using tablets which becomes very hectic for parents.  And the students who were preparing for the competitive exams were not able to use the tablet to search the other topic study materials other than those provided on the tablet.

Just like other platforms like Unacademy and Vedantu its main focus is on the live lectures and sessions. But sometimes also give some old recorded videos to the students to study.

How to Delete Byju’s Account Via Customer Care Supports

STEP-1: First of all,  You can open your mobile phone.

Mobile phone screen iphone

STEP-2: Then, You need to open any website. (From my case I just open on safari mobile browser).

Safari mobile browser - How To Delete Byju's Account

STEP-3:  When you open your application. Click on the search bar.

Search bar- To Delete Byju's Account

STEP-4:- Enter Byju’s customer care number and click on the search icon.

Byju's customer care number

STEP 5:- The number will appear on the screen [Byju’s Customer service Number:092413 33666]

How To Delete Byju's Account

STEP-6: You have to call customer care to remove the account. Within 4 to 5 days, your Byju account will be deleted.

How To Delete Byju's Account

Deleting Byju’s Account Via E-Mail

STEP-1: Unlock your phone first. Then, all you need to do is just go to the home screen and click on the app labeled ” Gmail”.

Gmail App

STEP-2: After opening your appropriate Gmail account successfully then you need to click on the compose option. (please note if you don’t have a Gmail application on your mobile then install and configure it first or if your email provider is different then you can open your appropriate email provider application after you can start to compose a new email.)

Compose Email

STEP-3: Then you need to enter your email address and after that, you need to write in the sender place. In the title, you need to write a request to delete Byju’s account and in the body, you need to write it again.

Email subject

STEP-4: After filling in all the necessary detail, you need to click on the send icon. Byju’s will receive the request and within a few days, they will delete your account.

Email Send button - How To Delete Byju's Account

Final Words

After deleting the account you will get a mail from them. So, check the mail in your spam or junk folder for confirmation. If you are getting calls from Byju’s even after deleting the account Then, you need to contact customer care support and tell them to stop calling you. Also, by deleting Byju’s account, you will also delete all your progress charts with it. As they don’t provide any feature to save the report.

Sometimes people get Byju’s subscription but after some time, they become unsatisfied with the performance of the classes. Here the question arises ‘Do you get a refund for the courses or not?’. The answer is Yes. You will get a refund if you are unsatisfied with the classes, but you need to ask for a refund before finishing the course. Otherwise, Byju will not give a refund to the user.

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