How To Block Snapchat On iPhone {Help Guide}

How To Block Snapchat On iPhone {Help Guide}

Here in this article, we will discuss how to block Snapchat on iPhone step by step. Of course, Snapchat is one of the social network platforms that offer some unique and innovative trademarks. This app also allows the users to send or share photos, videos and text immediately and for over a short period. It also sends one-time-seen pictures and videos. After clicking on the pictures or videos will automatically get disappeared after being shown to the user. Nowadays, privacy is important to everyone. So, not only for Snapchat, this feature is available for all famous social media platforms.

Snapchat Mobile User

To Learn How To Block Snapchat On iPhone {Step By Step Guide}

As we know, Snapchat doesn’t have the delete option on its app. But, you can also use your Android phone or iPhone device to delete your account permanently. By the-one-time seen message on Snapchat often leads users to use the platform for a short period.

So, some users try to delete accounts from their devices. Now, here we will discuss the step of how you can delete an account after the deactivation period of 30 days in more detail as the account will delete permanently after 60 days only.

Steps to delete Snapchat account on iPhone Instead of block

STEP-1:- First of all, You can Go to the home screen, and open the Snapchat application on your iPhone devices.

How To Block Snapchat On iPhone

STEP-2: After opening the app on your iPhone, You can click on the profile icon on the left corner of your screen.

Snapchat profile icon

STEP-3: Then, a new Snapchat page will open in front of us. In the right top corner of the screen, you will see the gear icon or the setting iconClick on the option.

Snapchat gear or settings icon

STEP-4:  After that, you have to Swipe down to the bottom of the screen and Click on the  Delete Account option.

Snapchat Delete Account On iPhone

STEP-5: After that, one new page will appear on the screen. You have to fill in the information of the user’s username and password of the account which you want to delete.

Snapchat Login Page

STEP-6: Again, a new page will open asking to confirm the process by filling in the account password again. Then, fill in the password on the box. Click on the continue option.

Snapchat Continue button

STEP-7: As a matter of fact, Your Snapchat-associated account will be deactivated within 30 days period of time. If you didn’t log in during this period, then after that period, your account gets permanently deleted from Snapchat.

Snapchat account deactivation- How To Block Snapchat On iPhone

Permanently remove the Snapchat account

Permanently deleting your account will take approximately about 30 days after the deactivation period gets over. After following the above step you can learn how to block Snapchat On your iPhone (Deactivate your account) without needing any help from others. Please note that once your account is inactive then you don’t log in to your account for a period of 30 days. Then only your account will get permanently deleted from the Snapchat platform.

Snapchat’s have some privacy or the security guidelines mention that user data and information will be with them for security reasons. Some of them are:-

1) The personal information that you fill in while creating an account.

2) All the Information that you link like the location.

3) Information related to contact lists or data from advertisers.

Once your account is inactive your Snapchat profile will not visible to others. This means no one can able to check your profile and unable to send any kind of messages on your deactivated account. If you want to get back to the app then, you just need to log in to your account to reactivate your account by filling in the details.

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