How to Cancel Uber Pass {Help Guide}

How to Cancel Uber Pass

To Learn How to Cancel Uber Pass?

You can cancel the Uber Pass using the Uber app.

Things to Note before Canceling Uber Pass – 

  • To avoid further charges, you need to cancel your Uber Pass prior 24 Hours before the next billing cycle.
  • After cancelling Uber Pass you can still access the benefits till the next billing cycle.
  • To get a refund, you first need to cancel the Uber Pass and then request a refund.

Here is How to cancel/unsubscribe your Uber Pass – 

  • Firstly, You can open the Uber App.
  • Tap the Head icon at the corner of the App.
  • From next all you need to do is just tap on the Uber Pass. (and then you’ll be redirected to Uber Pass Hub)
  • Then, You can scroll down and tap – Manage Subscription here.
  • Then, simply tap on End Membership.

Although if there isn’t any option to End Membership you can go to HelpAccounts & PaymentsUber PassHow do I cancel my subscriptionShare Details – Share the Information & tell them you want to unsubscribe to Uber Pass & Submit it.

Now in order to avoid further charges, you also need to turn OFF – Auto-Renew

Turning this feature off will stop the billing cycle

Turn OFF Auto-Renew

  • Open the Uber App
  • Tap on the Head icon and hover to Uber Pass
  • Scroll down and uncheck the Automatic Renewal

That’s it now you won’t get charged every month.

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How to Get Uber Pass Money Back (Refund)

If you were using Free Trial or You just accidentally subscribed for the Uber Pass, you can get a refund.

Although you need to request them and give truthful and valid reasons to get a refund.

Here is how to get a Refund from Uber Pass – 

  • First, before requesting a refund you have to cancel your Uber Pass and Turn Off Auto Renew.
  • Then, Go to Uber App 
  • Tap on the Menu icon / Head icon
  • Then tap on Help
  • Then go to Accounts and Payment
  • Tap on Uber Pass
  • Then simply click on Subscription Canceling Option.
  • Write down the reason to cancel the subscription and get a refund.
  • You can write down that you have subscribed by mistake and don’t need a subscription or any valid reason.
  • You can share your appropriate contact details and correct the information and after you can tap on Submit.

Then, if your refund request is accepted you will get your money back.


What is Uber Pass?

Uber Pass is a monthly subscription that offers you some discounts on Uber, Uber Eats, etc. These offers will help you save money on groceries, Food Orders, and Trips.

It can be useful for someone who is a regular user of Uber and its services.

How to Cancel Uber Pass Free Trial?

The method for unsubscribing from Free Trial Uber Pass and normal Uber Pass is the same.

You need to go to Uber App – Head Icon – Uber Pass – Manage Subscription – End Subscription.

The steps are the same.

Why Can’t I turn OFF Uber Pass?

Turning Uber Pass OFF is easy you just need to turn OFF the Auto-Renew feature, from the Menu.

However, there are often some glitches in the app, like you need to be in the same city to turn off Uber Pass where you have purchased the Uber Pass. I know it sounds ridiculous but if this is the glitch you can only contact customer support for help.

Uber Pass Customer Service Support – Uber Support (Tap here)

That’s it for this article, we hope you find it helpful, reach out to us via comments if you have any feedback or query.

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