How to make $1000 a week with Uber eats?

Eleven Various Ways To Do How To Make $1000 A Week With Uber Eats

Earning $1000 dollars a week with Uber eats may be possible but it is not a piece of cake. To ace this, the delivery driver needs to be persistent and hard-working. Some people often go for this job as a side hustle. But if you want to earn 1000 USD every week, you better start treating this job as a business.

Usually, an Uber eats delivery driver barely earns around $3 for every successful delivery. But with constant traffic, distant deliveries, and many other aspects, even this $3 earning seems like a far-fetched dream for them.

Eleven Various Ways To Do How To Make $1000 A Week With Uber Eats.

How To Make $1000 A Week

Earning 1000 USD a week with Uber eats has never been an easy target. But to say it is unachievable is quite unfair. All you have to do is analyze all the different aspects which can surely make this job a little easier for you.

Don’t know what those aspects can be? Then don’t worry because that’s where we step in. Here is a list of all the possible aspects which can truly help you in this supposedly next to impossible journey.

#1. Limit your working area-

This method has proven to be a great way for saving your money as it restricts your working area which in turn helps in cutting down unnecessary expenses. And due to the fact that it does not require any long-distance deliveries. You can also make as many deliveries as you possibly can.

#2. Surge Period-

To earn $1000 a week, Uber eats drivers don’t just need to be hard working. But they should also know how to work smartly. Uber eats delivery services are not busy throughout the entire day. Some times are busier than the rest and those certain times are often known as surge periods. Every driver should pay keen attention to these as these times bring in most of the orders of the day. Working during those surge pricing times can pave your way to earn some extra cash for yourself. As a driver can easily earn twice his daily income by just working during those hours of the day.

#3. Referral Codes-

Although referral codes might seem very tempting at times. But you should know better than investing too much of your time on this. Often drivers focus on these codes since it assures them easy money. But what they fail to realize is that that amount of money varies from market to market. These referral codes often entice the new drivers as they ensure them with bonus rewards as soon as they reach their target. And who does not want to go for such options, earning more money doesn’t hurt anyone. But these offers are the reason why drivers easily get distracted and eventually end up with minimum wage.

#4. Analyze this job-

It is not a lesser-known fact that drivers with higher ratings are most likely to get most of the delivery orders than those new ones with little to no experience. So you should try to be on your best behavior since the customers are the ones who can either make or completely break this journey of yours. Often they might ask you to bring some items which are not part of the delivery. But you should still try to get it for them as your rating plays a crucial role and your customers are the ones who can portray you as a great employee in front of all those new customers with those ratings.

#5. Keep a close eye on public events-

Events like concerts or maybe local game nights can bring in a lot of food orders for many restaurants. And this is the time when they need as many Uber drivers as possible to control any kind of chaos. And to entice the drivers, they might even raise your income for those particular orders. So that is when you should step in. Try to pay closer attention to all the upcoming events in your working area. And be present for all the possible food deliveries.

#6. Boost earnings-

With the growing popularity of food delivery services, companies like Uber eats are constantly in need of new drivers to make as many smooth deliveries as possible. So to entice the new drivers in, they came up with this idea called Boost earnings. In this scheme, the company will raise the income of Uber eats drivers whenever they feel the need of recruiting new people into this food delivery business, no doubt this scheme proved to be a great fit for the company. This scheme can also offer you some extra cash for yourself. So try to keep a check on all of those company’s income boost schemes.

#7. Try not to avoid weekends-

If your aim is to earn 1000 USD a week with Uber eats then you should avoid making this grave mistake of skipping weekends. As weekends are the busiest days of the week. There are high chances of receiving food delivery offers for big parties and social events. During these days, you are more likely to receive maximum tips from your customers. So you should think twice before skipping weekends. Of course, you will get few days off. But you should try to get those during the weekdays when there are comparatively fewer food delivery orders, that way you will not miss out on a lot.

#8. Uber eats driver app-

Now that we have already discussed the surge pricing period, it is now time to acknowledge the benefits of the Uber eats driver app. This app helps the drivers to track areas of the city where surge pricing is at its peak. Try to constantly check the app. So that you do not fall on all those surge pricing periods of the day.

#9. Importance of tips-

Earning 1000 USD a week with Uber eats is next to impossible if you do not consider tips as one of the most important aspects. With handsome tips, you can even earn twice the amount you make in an hour. You need to acknowledge the power of tips to reach heights. For better tips, you need to be very careful with your customers. One wrong step and you will end up with something which can barely count as a tip. Whenever you feel that you might be late for your delivery, the first thing you should do is to inform your customer of a valid reason behind the delay. So that they are aware of your situation before jumping to any kind of conclusion. Be as thoughtful as possible, this will surely portray you as an employee who is very considerate, especially when it is about the customers.

#10. Work smart-

Instead of constantly working hard to earn a certain amount of money with Uber eats you should try to focus on working smartly. Because if you think that hard work can help you in earning 1000 USD in just a week then you have never been more wrong. This task needs a thorough analysis of this food delivery service. And for that, you need to smartly formalize your strategy to earn as much as you possibly can.

#11. Flexibility-

By now you surely have realized how much tiresome it can be to earn $1000 a week with Uber eats, especially when you are new to this kind of job. One piece of advice you surely need before starting is that if you want to earn $1000 a week then you need to be as flexible as you can. Because in this job, rigidity will get you nowhere. So even when you don’t feel like making deliveries, you must force yourself to do so as this will keep you on your toes most of the time.

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