How To Delete TikTok Story {Help Guide}

How To Delete TikTok Story {Help Guide}

Are you have trouble and never know how to delete a TikTok story then this article is special for you. Unlike other social media network platforms, TikTok came a little late to have the stories option. The TikTok experience was also better and it also introduced the feature of keeping and deleting the story from the account. Just like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, Tiktok also has the option to put up the story of the photos and the TikTok videos within a limited period.

The visibility of the story also depends on the privacy setting set up by the user. You can easily change the time setting by going to the privacy setting of the account and making the default changes. If you posted some embarrassing photos accidentally in your story and then you want to delete the story right away. If you don’t know how to delete the TikTok story from the feed?  Here, we are going to discuss the steps in detail that helps to remove the TikTok story easily.

Feature Of TikTok Stories

There are several similarities and differences between Instagram and TikTok Story settings. TikTok also has the feature to show the story on the feed for about 24 hours. After completing the 24 hours, the appropriate TikTok story removes automatically from the account. You can post anything on TikTok and view your story on it just like on Instagram, Snapchat and other social network platforms. 

How To Delete TikTok Story From Your Account

Here we are going to discuss the six easy steps to delete your story permanently:-

Step-1: On your device, either an android or iPhone device, you need to launch the TikTok app either from the app store or the play store. After installing the app on your device. You need to go to your home screen and open the TikTok app. After that, the app opens in front of us. 

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Step-2: After the TikTok app opens on the screen. You will see the profile icon option, in the below-right corner. So, you can click on your TikTok profile icon.

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Step 3: Then, a new page will appear on the TikTok app screen. Showing the number of stories uploaded to the profile. Choose the story which you want to delete from the profile.

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Step-4: Once you click on your story then it will expand on the screen. Then, all you need to do is just click on the three dots icon that belongs to the right corner of the TikTok story screen.

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Step-5: A small dialogue appears on the screen having different types of options given below. Our intent is to delete the TikTok story so you can tap on the DELETE icon button here.

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Step-6:  Afterwards A small confirmation pop-up box will appear here. The box appears by giving a final warning of deleting the story from the profile. If you decide to remove the TikTok story, you need to click on this delete button. So, that’s it. Your TikTok story is permanently removed without getting into any trouble on your end.

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I hope once you follow the above simple steps that helps to delete the story from your appropriate TikTok account. If you want to make sure that the story is deleted or not. Once you did successfully, you just reopen your TikTok account. Then, You can re-check your TikTok stories again. All the TikTok stories appear there if the story you delete is not shown there that means that the story is deleted from the account.

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