Freeware Phone Tool Download and Use [Safe & User-Friendly]

    Freeware Phone Tool Download and Use [Safe & User-Friendly]

    Why Need a Freeware Tool for Managing Your Mobile Phone?

    If you find that you have a lot of data on your phone, you will be confused in dealing with it. It’s very difficult to back up your important data, transfer crucial files, or erase your data on your device. It’s quite necessary to have a freeware phone tool to manage your data without getting into any trouble.

    To simplify the process of handling your important data, this post will present one of the best data transfer software for you. Please keep reading!

    Best Freeware Software for Mobile Phone Management – FoneTool

    If you are looking for the best backup and data transfer tool then FoneTool is the perfect choice for you. Here you can able to back up or move any kind of file without trouble. This tool supports moving pictures, video clips, audio files, and contacts.

    FoneTool is just not for data transfer! It has many other notable features. Mainly among them you can backup the data on your computer without any hindrance. And if you decide to sell your device and buy a new computer, there is a chance of stealing your hard drive data. So it provides a data eraser feature to help you wipe it clean.

    Why choose FoneTool?

    Some advantages of this tool are listed below:

    1. Comprehensive Data Backup: When using FoneTool, You can able to create full backups of your mobile phone data. In addition, It ensures the safety of your important files and other sensitive information.
    2. Efficient Data Transfer: FoneTool facilitates smooth data transfer between your mobile device and your PC. So it’s always an easy process when you want to move photos, videos, and any kind of document files.
    3. Data Restoration: This tool provides the full phone backup option. When using this facility, you can selectively restore your backed-up data to your mobile phone with one click.
    4. Secure Data Erasure: FoneTool always protects your security. So it provides a secure and permanent data erasure feature here. Which means it protects your privacy and sensitive information.

    Now you are familiar with the FoneTool’s feature, so how to use it to manage your device? First, install FoneTool on your PC and connect your device to your PC. Then, here is a step-by-step guide on how to use FoneTool with ease.

    Part 1: How to Back Up Your Mobile Phone

    The way to back up your data on your mobile phone is quite simple and easy. Let’s have a look:

    Step-1: Run FoneTool > Locate the Full Backup (or Selective Backup) feature within the Phone Backup window and then click Get Started.

    Select Backup Mode

    Step-2: Enable Backup Encryption and designate a backup storage location > Proceed by clicking Start Backup to initiate the process of backing up your device.

    Phone backup - Full backup

    Step-3: For restoring backups, access the Backup History screen, locate the relevant backup task, and click the Restore icon.

    Manage Backup

    Part 2. How to Transfer Your Mobile Phone Data

    Phone Transfer is one of the most prominent features in FoneTool, which allows you to transfer data between phones and PCs and move iPhone backup to external hard drive. Here is a full guide on how to transfer data from a phone to a PC:

    Step -1: Access the Phone Transfer function from the main interface > Proceed to select iPhone to PC before clicking Start Transfer.

    Select transfer mode

    Tip: You can also choose the PC to iPhone or iPhone to iPhone features, which depends on where you need to transfer your data.

    Step-2: Click the plus icon to preview and select the specific files you wish to transfer > Click OK once you’ve made your selections.

    Select media files - photos and videos

    Step-3: Decide on the destination for saving these files in Transferred Settings > Finally, initiate the transfer process by clicking Start Transfer.

    iPhone to PC - Phone Transfer

    Part 3. How to Erase Your Mobile Phone Safely

    If you use an iPhone running on iOS 8 or earlier, which means backup, restore, transfer, or erasure options are not available for such devices. Besides, If the Find My iPhone feature is enabled, you will be required to input your current Apple ID and password to proceed with the erasure process. Here is how to erase your data:

    Step-1: Launch FoneTool in the main interface > Choose Toolbox > Data Eraser.

    Toolbox -> data transfer option

    Step-2: Then, choose Erase all data on the right-hand side and click Get Started.

    Erase all data option

    Step-3: Confirm your decision by ticking the options > Commence the data erasure by clicking Erase Data > Be prepared for a warning message and click Yes to proceed.

    Proceed to erase data

    The Bottom Line

    To sum up, this post has introduced you to one of the best data transfer software called FoneTool. This tool can facilitate seamless data transfer between your Phone and PC and back up, restore, or even erase your data on your device safely.

    In addition, it is also a good WhatsApp manager that can help you back up or transfer WhatsApp with ease. Why not try it out? Download and use FoneTool right now!

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