How To Become A Beekeeper In Bitlife?

How To Become A Beekeeper In Bitlife

If you are a bitlife player then you have an idea about the job of the beekeeper. Because the beekeeper job is very interesting in this game. And when you start to do this you will like this job a lot. So here is the guide about how to become a beekeeper in bitlife. You have to go all the way to your selected job section for this.

Not many people know about it. So make sure to follow all the rules as it is.

Requirement For Becoming A Beekeeper In Bitlife

Here are some requirements for this job. So make sure that you complete all these first and then apply for this. Otherwise, you will not be eligible to do his work in bitlife.

  1. For this job, the character has to be 18 or older.
  2. You have to pass an interview to get this job.
  3. You need to have no criminal record to work as a beekeeper in bitlife.

These are the requirements for this game. And you cannot skip any of the above things to work as a beekeeper here. 

How To Search For The Beekeeper Job?

Once you have completed all the eligibility, it’s time to find the job. For this, You have to select the beekeeper job from the job list. And those who play know that this job list is very long.

So you have to scroll down a lot. All you have to look for is the bee emoji. This emoji is present in front of the beekeeper job. 

Your age will increase while you scroll the job list. Because this job is present at the bottom of the job list to prevent the age from increasing all you have to do is close and open the app several times. This prevents the age from increasing.

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