Learn 5 Free ways how to hack someone’s WhatsApp with mobile tracker

Learn 5 Free ways how to hack someone’s WhatsApp with mobile tracker

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Hey! There I am using WhatsApp; this is the most popular writing in the about section of WhatsApp. Many of them have this line in the about section for years. But, have ever been aware of the fact of WhatsApp hacking in this many years.

In this Errorexpress article, we’ll learn 5 easy ways to hack someone’s WhatsApp Application using the mobile tracker so far. And there are legal and illegal both the ways for doing this.

Here’s How To Hack Someones WhatsApp Activities with the help of Mobile Tracker?

Mainly the legal ways listed here are safe and we recommend you to use legal ways.

Illegal ways can be dangerous for both parties, and obliviously, if you hack someone’s WhatsApp messages whom you don’t know, there could be legal custody against you.

So, the first one is:

#1 The QR Code: Hack Someone’s WhatsApp

Whatsapp Web Scan QR code
This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC

This hacking method is given by WhatsApp itself, just kidding 🙂 This is the feature in which you can operate anybody’s WhatsApp on your PC or Laptop, just by scanning the QR code.

  1. So, first, you can open WhatsApp web on your PC or Laptop-> Whats App web.
  2. Then bring out that phone, you want to know about Whats App chats.
  3. Then, in that phone, tap on the three dots, go to Whats App web and scan, task completed!

Now, you’ve access to their phone on your PC or Laptop.

#2 Via TruthSpy App

The TruthSpy app is a popular app designed for hacking WhatsApp, the app claims that it’s falling in the legal category of hacking. As for the method you need the target phone in your hands.

  1. You need to install the software from the given link->https://thetruthspy.com
  2. And now, you’ve to sign up, and remember your signing up details.
  3. By then, you’ve login into that account, from then you can spy on that WhatsApp user.

This app claims that you can get information of chats, call logs and deleted messages, etc. as this is a device tracking app, you can use it for your child, to see how they are operating the device.

#3 Spyhide: Free app for WhatsApp hacking

Spyhide is software for spying on your children, to track their digital life; for your employees, to see why they are using their phones during working hours; And your spouse, to track… of course you know why.

When you install that software on their phone seeking permission from that person, then all their personal data will go to their server. And from then, you can have access to their data, regardless of how far they are.

But this method is too risky for both the parties (you and the person you want to spy) as you’re giving all their data, on the third-party server. But if you’re comfortable doing so, then here are the steps.

  1. Download the CRT Cell tracker, from here ->CRT Mobile Tracker
  2. Get the access to the target phone, then install the software there, and sign up.
  3. Then, on your phone, log in to CRT cell spy, with that details. You can monitor anyone with that software installed on anyone’s phone.

#4 The Paid Spy App with Free Trail: Spylive360

Spylive360 logo

Are you seriously trying to figure it out, what are that hidden secrets? Then, this spy app is for you. The developer of the app claims that it can spy on anyone’s phone and dig down their information to you.

Also, the developers claim that it will keep the data encrypted. This means, only you’ll have access to the data, no one other, even the company itself. So, if you care about another person’s privacy, this will be the possible solution. Although, it’s too costly for a prank.

  1. You’ve to do download and installation of the software, and it’s very similar to the 3rd one.
  2. You can go to their website, to build your trust they’re offering a free trial.
  3. Check out, their website for more info: https://spylive360.com.

#5 How to hack WhatsApp without any access

Yes, you can hack WhatsApp without access to the target phone also, but it’s too techie method. You should know little things like MAC address and all that stuff.

  1. So, firstly you need to log out from the WhatsApp, and the easiest way to-do so is Uninstall it.
  2. And them, get access to the target phone and on that phone, go to Wi-Fi settings and then get Mac Address, note down.
  3. In your phone download these two apps Terminal Emulator & BusyBox from Play Store.
  4. So now in Terminal Emulator type “su” (tap enter) then type “busyboxiplink show eth0”.
  5. Then type their device’s Mac Address in the place yours.
  6. Like that: “busyboxiplink show eth0 hw ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx”.
  7. Once again, install the Whats App and there put phone number of that Target Phone
  8. And now get the verification code from the target device
  9. Log into Whats App!


In this article, you’ve seen many workable methods to hack Whats App so far. Whats App owns features to third-party apps, but how useful and secure they are is questionable. Therefore, still, the best method is to ask permission of that person.

After, when you’ve done with your spying work, go to the about section in their Whats App and change their about from Hey! There I am using WhatsApp LOL:)

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