How To Reset Google Wifi- You Should Try Today

How To Reset Google Wifi- You Should Try Today

A factory reset can be typically performed if you are planning to give away the device, or you wanted to return the device or erase all information of the device, or simply for restarting the setup process.

A reset shall not be confused with a reboot. Resets erase and restore all the settings and pre-existing data and return the router to factory defaults, whereas a reboot or a restart is simply a step involving turning on and off the device.

Method #1: Steps For How To Reset Google Wifi

In this method, we use the google wifi app. This method deletes all the current settings, data, and preferences immediately.

You can read once and follow the below steps to perform a factory reset through the google wifi application without getting any trouble.

1) Firstly, you can open the google wifi application here.

Open the Google Wi-Fi Application

2) Then, you can click on the settings and Actions tab. And then click the “network and general” icon link.

Select Network and General Option

3) Now select wifi points from network and general.

Select Wi-Fi Points Option

4) Click on the factory reset.

Click the "Factory Reset" option

5) Proceed through the information given about how factory reset works and what it can do by clicking on factory reset again.

Click Factory Reset Once Again

6) You will be asked to confirm the process along with the warning that the process is not reversible.

7) Then, you can click OK.

Click ok the Confirmation Factory Reset Prompt

8) You will now be informed about the current status of the factory reset. Of course, this operation usually takes few minutes to complete.

Shows the current status of the factory reset

9) You will see that the reset has been completed. Then, you can select the Done button.

factory reset completion form done button

10) Of course, the factory reset process is now successfully completed.

Method #2: Reset Google Wifi Via Google Account

The second method involves resetting your wifi router and points from your google account.

1) Firstly, open the Google Home app.

2) Then, you can click on the name of your google wifi point.

3) Go to settings. Then click on Factory reset network.

4) Then, you can click the Ok.

5) The factory reset process has now been completed.

Method #3: Hard Reset Google Wifi Device

The third method of performing a factory reset is via the switch/button located on the bottom of the device. Please note that when you perform factory resetting from your google Nests wifi, it will erase all your current settings and data.

1) Firstly, in order to factory reset the device, you will need to unplug the device from the power source.

UnPlug the device from power source

2) The power has been taken away; you can simply press and hold the factory reset button on the device.

press and hold the factory reset for long while - Reset Google WiFi

3) You can reconnect the power cable to the google wifi device while holding down the button.

Plug into the power cable again

4) Wait for 10 seconds.

5) The point will flash blue followed by a white flash. Release the button when it flashes blue.

Flashes the light blue screen image when release the button

6) The point continues to flash blue for around 45 seconds before turning a solid blue. The whole process may take between 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

7) Once the process has been completed, the point will pulse blue. Or amber to indicate that it can now be set up. The point will pulse blue if it’s connected to the internet and amber if it’s not.

Color indication image when the point will pulse blue if it’s connected to the internet. When points indicate amber internet not connected.

8) After resetting your primary point, set up a new google wifi network using the google home app.

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