How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Chat on Your Phone (2023)

4 Creative Ways in Reading Someone’s WhatsApp Chat on Your Phone in 2021

How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Chat on Your Phone – Today social media is nothing when not using the WhatsApp Messenger Application for your favorite smartphone. When comparing other chat applications, WhatsApp is the first priority for the majority of people’s choices. Notably, more than 40% of people around the world use WhatsApp regularly for their Android/IOS devices.

WhatsApp Mobile

That’s the reason, why people are trying to see the WhatsApp chat history of their partners, employee, or family members. By default, WhatsApp has many security features, especially they using all chats are end-to-end encryption techniques. This means, even WhatsApp itself cannot see chats of WhatsApp accounts.

But, in this article, we’ll tell you how you can able to read someone’s WhatsApp chat and other hidden activities easily monitor on your phone.

Read Someone’s WhatsApp Chat History Through Computer

WhatsApp Web:

Through the WhatsApp web, one can have access to their WhatsApp account on their computer. This means a person can use one WhatsApp account on two devices. A smartphone and a laptop/PC.

So, first, connect that WhatsApp account with your PC. For this, you need to scan the QR Code which will display when you go to WhatsApp Web, with the target’s mobile phone.

This means you can able to access the target’s device WhatsApp account without any interruption. So, here’s the guide:

Tutorial for WhatsApp Web

1) Go to WhatsApp web on your PC. And you can take a picture of the appropriate QR Code and save it with your mobile phone.

2) If you’ve physical access to their phone, directly scan through their WhatsApp account.

For this go to your:

WhatsApp -> 3 Dots -> WhatsApp web -> Scan it!

Device Linked to WhatsApp Web

3) Now, if you don’t have physical access, then go to them and tell them to scan it with WhatsApp web.

4) If they’ve known about this, probably they’ll deny it, but that’s the challenge buddy…

Hack WhatsApp Account by Target’s Mobile Number

Read other’s WhatsApp Message Through your phone

WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media apps verify you with your phone number. They send you an OTP, by entering that you can log in to your account.

It’s not a hack officially, but you’re finding loopholes in the system.

This method will work like this:

1) You’ve logged out from your WhatsApp messenger and log in again (Or just uninstall and reinstall it)

2) Now in that Number part, type the person’s phone number which you want to hack.

3) Then WhatsApp will send OTP, Receive the OTP, fill the OTP and then Delete the OTP.

4) Then you can access their WhatsApp but they will automatically log out from their device, so all the fingers will be pointed at you!!

5) So, you will not have access all the time, but until they’ve noticed this change.

Disclaimer:  Don’t use this or any of the tricks for harassing or bullying someone, you can face legal challenges, also we don’t encourage this type of thing. These tricks are just to give you mental clarity and stability in a relationship.

Monitor Target Person’s Phone with These Top Cell Monitoring Apps


MSPY App Site

mSpy is a spying app, used for monitoring a child’s activity. Of course, this application also helps to trace someone or spy on WhatsApp messages.

mSpy isn’t the WhatsApp spy but it’s the phone spy which can monitor all the activities. Including other social media accounts photo galleries etc.

These apps are paid apps, so you’ve to purchase them, you can only purchase them from their official website: mSpy


FlexiSpy is another spy app, used for the same purpose. The little difference is they have a free trial of 14 days. In these 14 Days, you can test the software, and then it’s on you, to continue or not.

However, FlexiSpy is considered a reputable brand in this industry. To use it, you’ve to purchase this from their official website: FlexiSpy


HoverWatch Homepage

Hoverwatch is also a great spying app that can monitor your children or anyone’s phone completely free of cost. Obviously, there is no need for any investment in Hoverwatch and you can use it for free!

However, they don’t clarify the free definition, you don’t need any credit card to sign in but it can ask you for payment after some time. But still, it’s great features and user-friendly options.  All you need here is you can use the application without worrying about money. For your information,  you can only download this Hover app from the official website: Hoverwatch

How to use these Spying Apps?

These all-spying apps need to be installed on the target’s phone, which means you need access to the phone.

And then on their phone, you’ve to create secretly a new email account using your own email ID. And after that, you need to sign in on that software on your mobile phone.

Howerwatch can help you to Read Someone's WhatsApp Chat on Your Phone

Basically, this cell phone monitoring app collects all the data including WhatsApp chat and chat history, and sends that on their server. Then, with the help of the internet, you can able to download that secret information and data without getting into any trouble.

These things are great to track your kids or your organization.

Hack WhatsApp Account Through Google Drive Account

Get WhatsApp Chats from Another Device

Screenshot of last step on How to Read Someone's WhatsApp Chat on Your Phone

Recently a famous Bollywood Celebrity’s WhatsApp chat went viral. But like I said even WhatsApp cannot read the chats, so how?

This was done by a TV Journalist; she collected chats of this celebrity and made the whole show on that thing.

They got this chat from iCloud, when WhatsApp asks you for a backup of the chat’s history when you allow it, then WhatsApp will send all your chats to cloud services like google drive or iCloud.

So, the celebrity uploaded all her chats on iCloud, and then they’ve arranged a password or hack her iCloud ID, and then they get access to her device.

If your target device has also done this, then you just need to arrange the password of their google drive or iCloud ID. Then one can have access to their chats.

We’ve listed some cool tricks, in this article also, check out this: WhatsApp Hacks

Final Words

There were quite a lot of ways you can follow for reading someone’s WhatsApp chats. As the online space is not safe enough. As the use of the internet is expanding to, remote areas of the world also, Privacy is a bigger concern than ever before.

That was How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Chat on Your Phone, hope you liked it :))


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