How to spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone

How to spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone

Are you searching the way that how to spy on someone WhatsApp messages and other activities without her or his target phone? Is it really possible to spy someone WhatsApp conversations without their knowledge? If possible that how can you hack someone’s WhatsApp account?

The term ‘hacking’ sounds so cool. If by hacking WhatsApp you can peep in someone’s messages that really be exciting. Though as simple it sounds it’s not that easy to achieve.

Since WhatsApp was firstly launched it gathered millions of users across the globe. Here  people shares there personal thoughts or gossips with a known one. They shares audio visual files as well. These all plus features makes it more attractive to hack it to spy others life. We all are curious about our friends and relatives life going along with family members.

That will be a great way to spy one by spying his or her WhatsApp messages. By default Whatsapp never allows that kind of activities to maintain their data security. But we have found some alternative ways to do the same.

Is it possible to monitor others WhatsApp conversations without getting their target phone?

In the first place, WhatsApp had been an un-separable piece of technology in our daily life. We also have some curiosity in other people’s messages. This raise a question in our mind is it possible to read someone’s WhatsApp message without letting them know. In this article you will explore how to spy on other’s WhatsApp message without target phone.

Yes it is possible to spy a WhatsApp without having the phone in your hand. You just need to have the target phone in your hand only for 5 mints. Many hacks claim to work remotely but to be fair it is not possible to spy on another phone without having it for once. However, it is also possible to spy on WhatsApp messages from your PC or phone. Visit Earthweb to learn more about these apps.

To Learn How to spy on WhatsApp Messages without needing a target phone?

There are some popular hacks are trending over the internet, like-

 Hacking through Mac address:-

In this process you can access the target phone by changing the mac address.

iCloud Hacking:-

In this process you can fetch the WhatsApp data’s stored over the internet cloud by using Apple account or the Google account.

Also there are few more ways to do the same. But these all are nothing but a myth. You never can access other phone through ethical hacking until you permit it from the target phone. Don’t be disappointed with it. We have found some effective ways for you. There are few exiting and effective applications that will help you to spy the target phone from the distance of kilometres.

On the other hand, You can access others WhatsApp messages using some applications those who ethically allows you to do so. In these cases you need to raise the permission at least for ones from the target phone. There after you can spy on victims WhatsApp messages without target phone. There spy apps really works. Here we have listed few spy apps for better consideration.

Recommended Spy apps:   KidsGuard pro, TheTruthspy, Hoverwatch, Nexspy, etc.

1) KidsGuard-

KidsGuard pro is a very useful and handy application to remotely spy a target phone. It will bring all the needed information in your hand just by allowing for once. This will share you the WhatsApp chat details, call log and phone book, location, photo, and the other social media application details from the target phone.

Supportive Platforms-

The application is available for Android and iOS both the interfaces.


The per day expense in order to use this app is nearly approx. $0.27 ( This price applicable only if you choose a 1 year subscription plan. This is not constant. price may change in future. So checkout once and decide which plan for your convenience).


KidsGroup keeps the data’s secure for both the users. It passes the data from the target phone to the user without storing it to the application cloud. You can easily monitor your target phone remotely. You can track the time of sending or receiving the message as well.

Step by step setup-

Download the kidsGuard app from the Appstore.

Register an account over the app cloud and go for the premium option to use all functionalities.

KidsGuard create account

Now take the target phone and install the same application in it. then log in with the id you previously created.

KidsGuard Pro Signin

Configure the application depending on which of the datas you need to spy remotely.

Activate data access

Once you are done with the target phone setup leave it and open your own device browser to log in KidsGuard account. Log in to your account and click the options from the left chart what you want to monitor. For monitor WhatsApp chat and activity click on WhatsApp.

KidsGuard Pro Dashboar

Once you clicked on Whatsapp you will be able to spy different activities over Whatsapp. Also go for the other options if you want to monitor anything else.


This application claims that by using it you can access every application from the target phone. Including the social media applications, like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Though the applications have some limitations, which is the matter of consideration.

Supportive Platforms-

TheTruthSpy is completely compatible with both for the Android and iOS devices. Sometimes it may not work if your phone is not rooted.


It also matters that how much bud you need to expense to use the application. This application has several packages depending of the duration which starts from $31 for one month and ends with $185 for a year.


The application does not offers any trial version before you purchase it. in order to use the application there is few drawbacks also. It only allows you to see the text chats only and that is only through a online console over the application. There is no such way to hide the application so there is a possibility to get caught by the user.


I hope now you know how to spy on anyone’s WhatsApp chats without target phone and all. So you can spy on the target phone without having it in front of you. Make sure you follow the terms and conditions of the application because as it’s a part of hacking it can disrupt your data security.

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