3 Effective Methods To Copy and Paste on Instagram

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Whether you like any caption, or comments, or any post, you cannot copy anything from Instagram. However, using these simple hacking tricks that help to achieve copy and paste any text information from Instagram, So, this article is all about a complete step-by-step guide for How you can able to Copy and Paste on Instagram site without getting any issues.


One thing is sure, you cannot copy-paste anything from Instagram App.

Instagram restricts you to copy any form of text from Instagram. However, this is just limited to Instagram App, you can copy everything from Instagram Web.

To Know How to Copy-paste Captions on Instagram?

1) Go to Instagram.com on chrome browser or any browser.

2) Log in with your ID.

Here's how you can copy paste captions on Instagram

3) Here, go to any post, and long press on any caption.

4) Then, Select the text, and copy it!

5) Paste, where you like it.

But, by doing this also you can copy-paste captions but not comments, to copy-paste comments you need to work on Desktop Mode on Chrome.


The traditional way to do this is to type word by word, and then copy it. But it just wasting the beautiful minutes of life!

A simple hack is to use Desktop mode on Chrome, easy, isn’t it?

Step by Step Guide for How to Make Copy and paste comments on your Instagram-

1) Firstly, you can go to the chrome web browser, and then log in to your Instagram.com website.

Go to instagram.com on chrome and turn on desktop mode

2) Tap on the three dots, turn on the desktop mode.

3) Go to the post, long-press the comment text.

How to copy paste comments on instagram

4) Select the Text and just copy it.

5) Woohoo! Paste it…


Now, just go on another level, how can you copy text written in the post or in someone’s story on Instagram.

Any ideas?

Technology is speeding up, you can use OCR Technology to copy anything on an Instagram, which is not limited to text.

Post, Reels, IGTV, etc.

Anything you see on Instagram from posts to reels, from stories to IGTv, any form of text can be copied using this.

How to copy-paste text from Instagram Post?

1) Open your Instagram App.

2) Capture a screenshot of text you want to copy.

To copy paste text from instagram using ocr technology

3) Now download the Google Photos App. Download link Andriod | iOS

4) Then, you can go to the Google Photos Application. For next, you can open the appropriate screenshot picture, you just took. Please make sure once the screenshot image text is clearly visible.

Copy paste any text on instagram using ocr technology

5) Now, at the bottom, you can see Google Lens Icon. Tap on it

6) Google’s AI, will work to highlight all the text appearing. Google, will make that image into text.

7) Then, just select the text you want and copy it.

8) See that easy, now paste wherever you want.

If you don’t want to download any app, you can do this same, with this website also:- https://www.onlineocr.net.

You can use the same website for PC also.

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So, you need these tricks and hacks to copy anything from Instagram, however, the same thing isn’t applicable for PC Users.

On your PC, you don’t need anything to copy things from Instagram, just select> copy> paste, that’s it.

Just one thing, if you want to copy-paste any text from posts or reels, you need to use OCR Technolgy, just this is the thing.

To perform OCR Tech, you just need to take a screenshot on your PC and go to the Online OCR Website.

If you don’t know how to take screenshots from the laptop, don’t worry, just press ‘Prtsc+ windows button

Or just see our tutorial, on How to take screenshots on the laptop.

That’s it for today’s article…

I hope this article will help you, we constantly post these little hacks and tricks, which help you to optimize and make things simple for you.

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