How To Get PUK Code Without Calling Customer Service

Errorexpress: How to get a puk code without calling customer service

Everyone ignores the PUK code when they have bought it. However, once your SIM card is locked, and you’ve tried 3 unsuccessful attempts, your SIM card gets blocked and can be unblocked only through a PUK Code, in this article, you will know 3 Ways To Get A PUK Code Without Calling Customer Service.

While it’s simple to call and get a PUK Code, you will be surprised to know that it is written on your SIM Packaging!

Yes, every SIM card has a PUK Code written on its packaging. If you have that packaging, you can see PUK written on it (refer to the below image)

See packaging to find PUK Code

Anyways, let us first understand what is PUK Code, and how you locked your SIM Card.

Quick Overview – How to Get PUK Code Without Calling Customer Service

    1. Check SIM Packaging: PUK Code & PIN can be easily found on SIM Packaging. If you have SIM packaging check on it.
    2. Get PUK Code Online: Log in to your service provider’s website and find a PUK code. Many service providers, provide PUK codes and PINs on their app or website.
    3. Go to Retailer Store: Locate your SIM provider retail store and keep your ID proof, locked SIM Card, and an unlocked phone for OTPs if required.
    4. Use Default PIN: We found that many service providers set a default PIN for their PUK Code, which is either 1234 or 0000, you can try these two PINs as well.

What is the PUK Code?

The Personal Unlocking Key/code is known as the PUK code, this is a unique code for every SIM card.

The feature is useful in locking your personal information available on SIM cards, contact lists, banking, etc. So, in some serious cases, you can lock it.

But Now unlocking contains its terms.

Like. If you type in the incorrect PIN more than three times the SIM will be locked automatically. This means your SIM Card is locked with PUK.

And now you need to enter your PUK code to unblock your SIM, If you’ve tried more than 10i times, your SIM can be permanently blocked, so don’t try to guess the code.

By the way, many times, the default pin is – 0000 or 1234, that’s easy, but different carriers may have different pins.

Of course, This is the one way and straightforward method to get your PUK Code is to call the corresponding customer service from your other phone or other mobile and directly ask them.

If you don’t want to contact customer service/technical support regarding PUK Code details then you can follow the below ideas:-

3 Methods: How To Get PUK Code Without Calling Customer Service?

1. PUK Code is Written on SIM Packaging

When you purchase your SIM card, you have got a few things, a plastic package, a credit card type plastic thing in the SIM Card is placed.

These are some of the things which PUK & PIN are generally written on.

Look around these things, the PIN is 4 digits and the PUK is 8 digits.

If you still can’t see the PUK Code, you need to scratch it. In that things look for a scratchable line, you need to scratch it, to get PUK Code.

For your information, you shouldn’t scratch it with your nails. Use any coin, key, needle, or metal to scratch it.

2. Log in to the Mobile Carrier’s Website

Another great option to get rid of those long calls, talking to an automated device. Nowadays, most mobile carriers offer online services to their users.

Get a PUK Code from your carrier’s website-

    1. Log in to your carrier website, if you don’t know the web address of the website, enter the name of the service provider + website on Google.
    2. You must log in or create an account on that website.
    3. Now search for the PUK Code on the website.
    4. Since every website has a different interface, go to help and type Where is my PUK code, or go to FAQ to find it.
    5. Last, if you find your PUK Code enter it!

As you know, these things vary from carrier to carrier.

I have been listing some of the popular service providers in the US, & their websites

    • VerizonSign in at Verizon’s website > After login navigate to Account > My devices > Devices Overview. Now tap on manage below your mobile number > Device Management > Click on PIN and Personal Unblocking Key.
    • Xfinity Internet – Xfinity login
    • AT&T – Login to > Go to account overview > My account section > My devices & add-ons > Choose the device > Click on Manage my device > Under see device option > Select Get your PIN to unlock key (PUK)
    • Spectrum –

Other International SIM Providers –

    • Vodafone: The default PIN for Vodafone SIM is 1234, another way is to log in at My Vodafone app and choose My Sim/eSim > Under SIM card and Mobile Phone section you’ll find PIN & PUK codes.
    • Airtel: The default PIN for Airtel Sim is 1234.
    • MTN Group: Log in to MyMTN app > Select See more > Select Request PUK > Input the number & PUK will be displayed. Or dial *160*82# and follow the prompts.
    • Reliance Jio: Log in here – (and follow the on-screen instructions)

You can search your service provider’s website, by putting its name on Google.

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3. Get the PUK Code by Going to Retailers

how to get PUK Code without calling customer service

You can go to the physical store of your SIM Provider, and ask them for a PUK Code.

This is also a good alternative to calling customer service. You just need to bring your ID Proof with you, your locked SIM, and sometimes an unlocked phone for OTPs.

Locate that physical store on the map and let’s go!

How to Unlock SIM If You Get a PUK Code 

Once you have a PUK Code, here is how to enter it to unlock your SIM card.

Step 1: Enter the code, once you have obtained a PUK code.

Step 2: You will be asked to create a new PIN code. Remember that new PIN code, confirm the new PIN code.

Step 3: Press ‘OK’ for confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Get a PUK Code Without Calling Customer Service?

Yes, there are many other ways, like – logging in to your SIM provider’s website and getting a PUK Code. Other than that, PUK Codes are also written on your SIM Card Packaging. You can also try these default PINs to unlock your mobile – 0000, 1234.

2. Can I Get My PUK Code Online? 

Yes, log in to your Mobile Carrier’s Website

You can find your PUK code and PIN on your SIM provider’s website. Otherwise, you can also mail them to the support email address or text them on their text support service. To find such details, go to their website’s help/support page.

3. What Number to Dail to Get My PUK Code 

Many sim providers have USSD codes to get PUK Codes, below we have mentioned USSD codes to get the PUK codes of some popular SIM providers.

    1. MTN Group: Dail *160*82#
    2. AT&T: Call 800.901. 9878
    3. Vodafone Idea: Call 199 (Toll-Free)
    4. Reliance Jio: Call 18008899999
    5. Verizon: Call *611

4. What If I Lost My SIM Card Packaging?

You need to connect with customer support through mail or call. Else, you can visit your SIM provider’s retail store to solve this issue.

5. Are There Any PUK Code Finders?

No, there aren’t any online tools such as PUK Code Finders. You need to contact your carrier to get your PUK Code.

That’s it for today’s article, you can always call customer service if the following things won’t work. Comment down if you have any queries, we would love to interact!


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