How to connect PS4 to hotel wifi- Simple Guide

How to connect PS4 to hotel wifi- Simple Guide

Gaming is trending these days and with this, the hotels are getting more visitors carrying their Gaming devices. These gaming devices may range from a trending PS4 to a thrilling Xbox. Guests are also seen carrying a Nintendo to enjoy their vacations.

Traveling with trending gaming consoles might give a cool feel to guests but at times it gets tiresome for the staff members.

Free wifi is one of the commonest amenities that resorts and hotels provide. The wifi with security creates major problems for the guests who try to connect with free wifi.

What all does the guest must carry?

Before you put efforts to help your guest to connect their Playstation 4 with hotel wifi, confirm the presence of this equipment:

Well the gamers know what they need, but the hotels can keep stock to enhance their hospitality:

1) The visitors must have an HDMI cable

2) You would need a Power cable

3) A Console is a must

4) Having a Controller is a must thing

5) Don’t forget the WiFi username

6) It is very important to remember the password for your WiFi

LAN Port

What are the different ways to connect  PS4 to hotel room wifi?

The visitors must have complete accessories.  In case they don’t have any of this; they can still connect with the front desk.

You can use any of these methods:

1) Use Mobile ordering software to easily connect.

2) The Hotel application can provide you a direct link to connect

3) Many hotels provide guest room tablets that are already having access to wifi passwords.

4) Another way to connect is through the guest messaging software

Step by step guide to connecting PS4 to Hotel Wifi

Once you have the accessories and the wifi password just go through these steps to connect PS4 to Hotel Wifi.

1) First of all, you can connect your PS4 to the TV in the hotel room and then switch it on.

2) Go to the Settings and use your console to explore the settings.

3) Use the X button to enter into the Toolbox icon

4) Scroll down to find Toolbox options and find “Network”

5) Go to Network

6) Then, You can click on the option named “Set Up Internet Connection”

7) You can easily select the wifi option

8) Finally, go for the Easy set-up option

9) Scan it to find the name of the hotel’s wifi and connect it using the wifi password.

10) You will get a Confirmation that settings have been saved.

How to test the Connectivity?

1) You can check the connection by opting for “Test Internet Connection”

2) If you still find a “connection failed”; get into details to add information to proceed to network login.

3) Go for “Suggested Actions” to explore the browser that will land you a sign-in page.

4) Next, you can log in with details of WiFi and then press connect. After security check, click on “yes”

Once you are done, get back to the network screen. You can get a quick network test again.

Still, juggling the troubleshoot? Try this:

If you are still facing issues while trying to connect your PS4; we have got some other options for you. You can connect using a custom DNS server.

Image shows to select setup internet connection "custom" option

1) Firstly, you can go to the “Set Up Internet Connection” option and then choose

2) Afterward, you can select the option for this time is  “Custom”.

3) Find hotel network

4) Next, Enter the appropriate WiFi network password here

Another way to enjoy your vacations with PS4 is by connecting it through wired ethernet or by using a third-party connection.

You Can take the help of the desk manager to connect using a custom DNS server.

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