Game of thrones WIFI passwords

Funny, Clever, Smart, Strong, Crazy, Game of thrones WIFI passwords

In this article, I’ll share with you funny, clever, smart, strong, crazy, game of thrones wifi passwords. I have picked these passwords from various different scenario and they are helpful and strong in all of them. You can start using them and I bet those passwords won’t be available in the bundle of passwords. That can be used to hack your network. Through brute force attack. Wifi Names are the visible SSIDs that we can see in our Wifi Settings. Through them only we are able to identify the correct wifi network and enter the wifi password. You can also use these names as your Wifi SSIDs It will be a fun thing to do surely.

Funny WiFi Passwords

  1. It’s password dummy
  2. dump and dumper
  3. Shaun of the Dead
  4. The Hangover
  5. The 40-Year-Old Virgin
  6. The Other Guys
  7. Snoopy Dog
  8. Drunken Donuts
  9. Can You Tell Me The Password
  10. Password Works If You Try
  11. I know I am Good at Jokes
  12. LoLXDLoLXD
  13. Fire Me With Now Laughter
  14. Hello Go Away
  15. No Freebie Today
  16. Just Get Out of My Way
  17. 3 Idiots
  18. The Password is Hard
  19. I Know Life is Funny
  20. Can You Pass Me That Beer
  21. I Want To Die With My Phone
  22. Cool Down Dude
  23. Where Are My Keys
  24. Can You Help Me With My Math Problems
  25. Say My Name
  26. Your Favorite Movie
  27. Chinese Thai with Yellow Fry (XD)
  28.                  (8 letter space)

Not only I have shared with you funny, clever, smart, strong, crazy, the game of thrones wifi passwords. But also some great tips to keep yourself secure from wifi hacking at the end of this article. So keep reading the article till the end to know how you can do that.

Clever WiFi Passwords

  1. Keep Guessing The Password
  2. I Support Democracy
  3. We Unite Against Slow Internet Connection
  4. No Password For You Today
  5. Can Your Repair My Printer
  6. Pay Me $10 for An Hour
  7. Good Good Good Bad
  8. Hope There is An AfterLife
  9. My Dog Loves Eating Shit
  10. God Save The Queen
  11. Remote Control Access
  12. Find Me A New Password
  13. Let Think Again
  14. Without Me, You Can’t log in
  15. Three Thousand Year Ago
  16. Jingle Bells are Gone
  17. Disney Park is Close
  18. DisneyWorld is Not For You
  19. LoooooooooooooooooL
  20. Hope You Having A Good Day
  21. Can You Pass Me The Beer
  22. Guess The Password
  23. For You, My Love

Smart WiFi Passwords

  1. Smarter Than Tomorrow
  2. Earth is A Small Rock In the Universe
  3. We Are Insects
  4. If We All Jump Together Nothing Will Happen
  5. For 6 Months Norwegian Don’t Have Sun
  6. Can Someone Call The Police
  7. 78Y^bT E626tr25^fts^46^2883%%@&@
  8. Over Complexity is Sometimes Stupid
  9. We Love What We Don’t Hate
  10. Smoking is the Least Stupid Thing
  11. I Hope There Is No Heaven; Because I won’t go
  12. Change The Music
  13. Fire The Cavalary
  14. Battle Are Won With Gold
  15. Human Are Animals
  16. Kardashians Need To Stop
  17. If The Berries Grow From Down Why They Are Up
  18. I Hate Blowing
  19. Just Another Random Dude
  20. Keep It Real Bro

Strong  WiFi Passwords

  1. H@CkMe %*IfY OUc@n
  2. Chi%% Cho*@%  &@
  3. Pass Me That Big Bowl OF Soup!@
  4. Get The Artierly Ready ********
  6. Fire Is Another Tool To Kill
  7. 79979%^RR@ nHFU*
  8. It Strongs Enough
  9. I am Drunk But % Not Stupid
  10. Free Me ^ You Selling Bucarks ^
  11. Bullock cart Is Faster Than Your Cras *_*
  12. I Want Add Symbols
  13. Give Me Some Space             (8 Space)
  14. I Can Drink And Can Fight
  15. Blow The Horns
  16. Grey Is Better (%^G
  17. Stronger PAsswordsU Are Harder% To Remember
  18. We, Will, Get Through This$$
  19. Money$ Can get You Anything
  20. Fire The City and Blow The Horns (8)]
  21. Genghis Khan Was A Stonner

Crazy  Wifi Passwords

  1. Shitty Whitty Shitty
  2. Cool Down My Friend
  3. I Eat Banna
  4. Do You Even Lift
  5. It’s hard Not Impossible
  6. Shut The Freaking Front Door
  7. You Noodle Doodle
  8. Google is Evil
  9. I Think My Dog is Spying on Me
  10. My Kitten is an FBI agent
  11. No Sugar Toady
  12. Oscar is Dumb
  13. Good Great Gratitude
  14. My Grandmother Cookies
  15. I am Filling a Suit
  16. Do You Like That Euhhh
  17. I am Not Pokemon
  18. Anime is Hyped 
  19. Don’t Kill Me For That
  20. Joke Aside You Still Stupid
  21. Find Me another Room
  22. Kindly GET the Fuel Out
  23. My Car is The Least Happy
  24. I am Enlightened.

Game of Thrones Wifi Passwords

  1. All Men Must Die
  2. Winter is Coming
  3. You Know Nothing
  4. Jon Snow
  5. Fear Cut Deeper Than Sword
  6. Some Wounds Never Heals
  7. But is an Horsehit
  8. A Lion Doesn’t Concern Himself With the Opinions of a Sheep
  9. Daenerys Targaryen
  10. Arya Stark
  11. Tyrion Lannister
  12. Sansa Stark
  13. Khal Drogo
  14. Cersei Lannister
  15. Death to Joffery
  16. Robb Stark
  17. Bastards are True Born
  18. End The War
  19. Dragons are Unreal
  20. Gorgeous Beast
  21. The Children of The Forest
  22. Night King is Stupid
  23. Kill The Enemies
  24. Wildfire is Gorgeous
  25. The Half-Man is Powerful
  26. Cut To The Chase
  27. The Golden Company
  28. I am a SellSword
  29. If All People Starts To Lies Than Words Mean Nothing
  30. You Smirking Bore
  31. Fetch Me Some Fine Wine
  32. Ale is Better Than beer

How to Secure Your WiFi Connection

1) Activate Network Encryption

If you want your connection to be secure you can’t rely on old technologies. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) does not work anymore and has many flaws that a hacker can exploit and make use of. If you are using this than you are Vulnerable to attack. Luckily you can change your encryption network. WEP to WPA2 stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2, Which is an advance and encrypted data packet sender. In simple words, Your Text 1234 change into some Random Code and Transmite through Internet. And before showing up to the other party it automatically converts back to simple text.

2) Turning Off Wifi While Leaving

It’s a good habit to have. Because if you are at home and someone tries to hack your Wifi. You might able to identify if something is fishy. But what if you are gone. To avoid such a scenario just get a habit of switching the Wifi Off when you are not home.

3) Disable DHCP functionality

DHCP is a good tool for commercial WiFi. But if you are using the WiFi on your home. Than you probably don’t need this. And you are helping the hacker by Keeping your DHCP Enable.

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