How to create an app for free and make money

How to create an app for free and make money

In this article, I’ll share with you how to create an app for free and make money online. Creating an app is one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet. Not only you’ll make money, But you will make passive income. It means the income will be generated even when you are sleeping. Once you put in the effort to create the app. Now you can enjoy those sweet revenues every month. But before we get there, We need to do good homework and be prepare for the coming challenges. This includes creating the app for publishing and finale monetizing the application.

Choosing Android vs IOS

I know this is the battle between what is better. But I’m not going to favor either of the OS. And give you a neutral Pros and Cons of both the OS.


Android is undoubtedly one of the most used mobile OS. So the application market of the app is also very big. Play Store has millions of apps on its platform. And the number is not looking to get less anytime soon. Android is a very simple and open-source OS. Creating Apps for the following is very easy. Because you can start Android development from any software and hardware. Even the charges to Host the app on the Play Store is very less compare to IOS. With Big fact, you need to also keep in mind that Android Users spend less money on application compare to IOS users. Even though the users of Android are more; The revenue generated is less.


IOS is the king of smartphone apps. The apple was the first device that brought mainstream use of the application to the masses. Apple has a key advantage of Android. The reason for this is that the hardware and software both are of the apple company. That means Apple can create flawless applications that work best on their hardware.

This makes the overall experience of using IOS devices very good. But not all is good with IOS. The entry barrier for IOS is very hard. Because you need Apple Laptops to create applications for IOS. Not just that you need to buy an Apple phone to test your app.

Although you can use their simulator, But that’s not ideal in the long run. People on the IOS device spend good money on the app store. That means if you pass the entry barrier and become an Apple Developer then you’ll make good money.

How to create an app for free

Step 1: Create A Mind Map

Before we do any further step and continue our journey to learn how to create an app for free and make money. We need to create a mind map. I know this may sound a bit ODD. But its the most important step of this article. I want you to visualize the app you want to create in your mind. Imagine yourself using the app. The features and the design, colors. It’s the first step towards creating an app. Don’t try to be perfect just see the glance of How the app should look and the features it should have.

Step 2: Do Your Research

There are millions of apps on the Play Store and App Store. But how many apps do you have on your phone? Maybe a dozen or two dozens. I hope you are able to get my point. If you want your app to be widespread; It should able to provide some value. Yes, A app to check how many times you have changed your wallpaper. Sounds cool!. But is it useful? Does it make you download the app? If the answer is no. Then you should drop the idea of making that app. Even if you think your app is useful, You need to look for an alternate of those ideas. And see if they are better then your app. If you are going to put the efforts and Hardwork, Then make sure you are putting it in the right direction.

Step 3: Earning Potential

As our goal is to create an app for free and make money. We need to look for an application that is well suited for that. If I have to explain to you the simple economics of money; It will be as follow; The more demand, The more money. We need to create an App. That is useful to Thousands or even millions of people. And I’m pretty sure you are aware of such apps. Most of them are on your phone. Examples of such apps are – Browser, Health tracker, Todo list.  These apps no matter the profession of the user are useful to them.

Step 4: Wireframing Your App

Now that we know what we want. The fun part beings from now. I’m assuming after following the above steps. You know what app you are making, The features, And some other details. I’ll emphasis again this is the initial stage. You can change everything at any step. So don’t try to make things perfect. Good, Let’s start with wireframing. Beforehand let’s understand what is wireframing. It is nothing but the skeleton of an application a rough diagram. Here you’ll decide the content hierarchy, The features, and other details.  Below is an example of a Wireframing App.

Wireframing the createdapplication

Step 5: Create A Prototype

After we have created a wireframe. That is nothing but the skeleton of an app. Now we need to give the skeleton flesh. I know I’m sounding like a cannibal. But to simplify the difference this is the best example. Here, You’ll design the app to look exactly like what it will look before you start coding the app. There are many prototyping tools available for free. But I’ll recommend you to use Figma. It is a software that is available for free to use. The below prototype was created using Figma only. You can also hire someone on; If you do not intend to do it yourself.

create the application prototype

Step 6: Developing The App

Now that we have the blueprint of our app. We can now move forward for creating the application itself. Okay, now you have two ways to create an app for free.

1) Using an App Builder

The App Builder is fairly is easy and does not require you to have technical knowledge. Here, You just need to signup with their program and start creating your app. Just like you would be doing to design the app. Drag and Drop features from their app builder. And create the application of your choice for free. I’m sharing with you some of the best and free app builder for your next great app.




2) Developing the App

Here, You need to have technical knowledge in order to create an app. You have to learn computer languages, Like Flutter and Java. To make apps for your specification. These apps are highly sophisticated more advanced than App Builders. Developing an App gives you the creative liberty to create exactly, How you intend to create the application. Even when you decide to use the app builder. You need to learn Basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If you want to change the app design according to your prototype. Here are some of the best resources to learn to make code

For Android: Master Android Development

For IOS: Master IOS Development

Step 7: Deploying the App

Now that we have created the application. Our next goal would to deploying the app. Of course, our whole intention is to create an app for free and make money. And we can’t do it; Unless we deploy the app on some app publishing platform. In most cases, For android – Play Store. For IOS – App Store. The article is about creating an app for free. But to publish the app we have to pay. For the play store, the amount is $25. And for the App Store, it’s $99.

Note: This is a one-time fee. And you can publish as many apps you want after signing up as a developer with them.

How to make money with your apps

Great, now that we have created the app. And also host the app on the Play Store or App Store. How we are going to make money? This is the most important question and I’ll share with the top 3 ways to monetize your application.


I suppose you saw this coming a long mile back. And why wouldn’t you? This is one of the most popular ways to monetize your content. Not just an app but TV, Radio, Newspapers. Everything works through the advertisements. Sign Up for a Google AdMob. And place the advertisement in your application. The more people see those applications the more revenue you’ll generate.


Sponsorship is another way to make good money. While using AdMob your revenue depends and varies according to the clicks. In sponsorship, you ask for a specific price of amount for a number of periods. And it doesn’t matter if your app receives 100 immersion or 100 thousand. You’ll get paid the amount to which you agreed to lend the sponsor to add a banner on your app.


Of course, Subscription is a great way to monetize your app. Here you’ll ask for recurring monthly revenue from your users. And offer them special features Like Ad-free experience, Contact Support, This way people will be motivated towards purchasing your premium plan and give you good recurring revenue. Moreover, this will ensure that you get to your goal of creating an app for free and make money.

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