2 Easiest Ways to download youtube videos to Mp3

2 Easiest Ways to learn how to download youtube videos to Mp3

If you are one of those music lovers who often end up falling in love with new video tracks. But no one actually wants to see the video in repeated mode, so this article is for you. Here you can follow the detailed steps to save your favorite youtube videos in audio (.Mp3)  format without getting any trouble. We will list the two easiest tools that can help to download youtube videos to mp3 so far.

To Learn How to convert and download youtube videos to Mp3?

You can easily download a video directly using many available tools but when it’s about the audio part you need to stay a little conscious about the safety and copyright norms. It’s not necessary to be worried about it.

Of course, we provide a range of user-friendly and best YouTube to MP3 converters for you.

Try out these easy to access tools to convert youtube videos to Mp3 files:

#1 The 4K Video Downloader

A 4K video converter is a brilliant program one can easily download to use over windows and even a Mac.

This is a converter application that can be downloaded and run on either your Windows PC or Mac. You get two options here; either go for the free basic version or to cut off the ads go for the premium. This one comes just at $15 and congratulations you have three personal licenses.

You can even get access to playlists and premium channels.

What can you do with a 4K Video Downloader?

#1. In this internet world, There are so many online and offline tools available that help to download your desired YouTube video as well as to convert the file into MP3.

#2. The special thing here is you can also download your videos for different other formats like  MP4 or OGG etc.

#3. Get an option to download on various qualities ranging from original to lowest.

Steps to get MP3 by using 4k Video Downloader:

#1. If you want to get Mp3 format for your selected YTube Video then all you need to do is copy the appropriate youtube Video URL link on the Youtube Website.

Copy the Video URL

#2. Run the 4k Video Downloader and after you can click the “Paste link” button here.

4K Video Downloader Main Page and Paste Link Button option

#3. Next, you can select the appropriate video quality and choose your desired video format here.

Select the video quality and format

#4. You need to select the download location too.

#5. Tap on the extract option.

#6. Double click on the downloaded file if you want to play it in 4K Video Downloader

#7. You can also play it directly from its location.

#2 MediaHuman’s Converter

If you are looking for a free youtube to MP3 converter for your windows or MacOs at speed of 320 kbps, then you have landed up to the perfect destination

MediaHuman has the wonderful and simplest to use software to help you out.

The software comes with advanced features to ease the process.

Follow these easy steps:

#1. Likewise, You can copy the desired convert video source link once and paste it here.

Video Drag option

#2. You can use another way, where you just need to drag the URL to the program.

#3. Simply click on Start Download.

Media Humans Convertor Video Download Progress Bar

#4. That’s it! Enjoy! here you can able to download multiple videos in a single instance.

#5. You can easily track the conversion process with a beautiful bar graph.

#6. Then, you can find the audio/mp3 from the “locate downloaded file” option here.

#7. Congratulations you are done bagging your favorite audio track. You can opt to direct the downloads in a way that they automatically transfer to your iTunes library.

What all add-on features do you get?

1) Choose your preferences

2) You can control downloads

3) Even have an access to tweak the bandwidth

4) Have an option to change the audio format and even the download format.

5) Enjoy the comfort of opting to enable automated link pasting

6) Speed up your software at a minimal cost of $9.99 for a year

Youtube Music Logo

You can also use youtube music to play and download audio. Mp 3 skull and Youtube to  Mp3 converter are other easy options you can go for.


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