How to copy and paste in procreate?

To Learn How to copy and paste in procreate

As everyone knows how to procreate makes it easy for artists to do whatever they want. I am talking about painting and illustrations. It is solely made for iPad and has lots of features. Especially drawing and creating illustrations made easy with procreate. One can do hard to hard tasks easily with the procreate. But simple things like the copy and paste are hard sometimes, who don’t know it. It is not as simple as copy and pastes by pressing Ctrl + C and Ctrl +V. Surely, there is a way for it. Want to know? Then read the guide below; You will able to copy and paste everything easily then.

To Learn How to copy and paste in procreate?

As on iPad, you love to do work with the touchscreen; that’s why you don’t use the keyword. That’s why the copy and paste by Ctrl keys are not possible. So what to do?

Just follow these steps.

  • Select whatever you want to copy on the procreate.
  • After that, swipe down with your three fingers over that object.
  • The menu will be a popup in the middle of the screen. After that select the copy option from that.
  • Now the object selected will be copied. You can do the same process for pasting that object.
  • Note down one thing that this will only copy the object you selected on the layer you are working.
  • To select all and copy all, you have to select the copy all option present in the popup menu.
  • If you have the right sidebar, then it will be easy to do copy and paste.

And that’s how one can use the procreate like a pro, by doing such small things without any hassle. Now I am sure that all of you got how to copy and paste in procreate. Thank you.


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