To Learn How to copy-paste blank space and invisible characters

To Learn How to copy-paste blank space and invisible characters


Space is just an empty space between words, it is not considered a character. But blank space is totally different from this, they’re an invisible character.

Programmers call this a white-space. But apart from programming, it can be used for texting a blank message or renaming your desktop icon to blank space, so only an icon will appear. Many such things you can do, read the whole article for this.

How to copy-paste Unicode Character?

Press the space bar, copy that space and paste it in WhatsApp and send it! That’s it, just kidding…

No, you can’t send by doing this. Because WhatsApp, desktop, and our forms are capable of recognizing this space. However, by copying this Unicode or blank character, you can paste it and send it or rename it.

You just need to this simple step.

1) Go to and copy that white-space and paste it anywhere you want!

2) however, some apps even restrict this. Like you can’t make a Gmail id like this: But there are lot more things you can do, you can make you Among us or free-fire ID with the help of an invisible character. By doing this, other players won’t see your name. It’s just an invisible kind of thing you can do this!

If case any doubts while you are using this, just comment down! I will answer for you.

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