Simple Guide for How to Look at Someone’s Text Messages Online?

Simple Guide for How to Look at Someone’s Text Messages Online?

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If you have a desire to look into someone’s text messages online, then it’s natural. And if you are in a relationship then it is more natural. But the law of privacy doesn’t allow to do that, right! The Law of privacy is not government law I am talking about; I am talking about the natural law of privacy. Most people do secret messages in privacy and show something different to the world. One who is interested in that person and his life will definitely want to see his text messages.

This can help someone with knowledge about his life and what actually the type of person he is. Unfortunately, you can’t be so unethical that you are seeing someone’s secret messages by taking his phone in his absence. But there is another way you can do that. Yes! I have it. You can set spy apps for their phone virtually. Physically it is not possible to get the phone every time and the person might delete the message before you. So here is the possible and legal way how to look/watch at anyone’s text messages for the internet?

The Ultimate Guide to How To Look At Someone’s Text Messages Online?

There are several apps available for spy on the text messages such as nexspy, spyic, etc. Here we are going to discuss the spyic app. No GPS location, root, or jailbreak is needed.

Steps to monitor someone’s text information via online 

Step 1: First of all, you can open on your favorite web browser. You can sign up for it. Then you have to get the desired subscription plan from the options. You can take the subscription plan for any device whether it is iOS or Android. This works on both operating systems.

Step 2:After that it will show the on-screen setup wizard here. Then you can just follow the steps given in it. The wizard will guide you on what to do.

Step 3: Now, your device may be iPhone or Android, you may have any operating system. From these, first of all, you should have to set it up according to the operating system. Here is how you can do that.

If you want to target an iOS device, which means if you have an iPhone as a target device, then you have to verify the iCloud account credentials here. You will be guided on how you can do that, just follow the steps and enter the credentials. Once you verify it, you are free to move forward.

If you want to target an Android phone, means if you have a normal device with the android operating system, then you will have to just download the Spyic app from the given link in the setup wizard. Once you download and install the app, you will have an option to hide the app in the targeted iPhone.

Step 4.Then leave the phone. Get back to the Spyic portal. The setup wizard is now complete. You will see a start option there. From there select that start option and click on it. Afterward, it can be redirected immediately to the corresponding Spyic dashboard. Now you can have several options here including message monitor, social media monitor, key log, etc. So, to see the text messages online you have to go to the messages tab. Now you can enjoy reading text messages from another android phone.

It shows you everything including the picture is saved on the phone for a particular contact. Also, one advanced feature is that if the target person typed a message and didn’t send it. Still, you can find what he had typed. You can access that in the key log section. Along with the text messages, Spyic also monitors the social media messages to the person.

Even if the messaging person sends the messages from another phone to the target person and un sends it on Instagram still it will show up in the Spyic. I think this feature is very advanced. Also, it does phone monitoring for all social media apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc.

That was how you can spy on someone’s text messages and social media too. You can completely monitor every single activity of that person. Hope you liked it. Stay tuned for such amazing tech articles. Thank you!

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